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What New Real Estate Agents Need to Know About The Closing Process

New real estate agents often learn about the front end of a transaction – getting a signed agreement – but much less about getting from agreement to closing. Understanding the basics of closing ahead of time can eliminate a lot of stress for you and your clients.

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Create an Exceptional Closing Experience

Real estate agents, when you take the extra steps to ensure a smooth closing experience from beginning to end, you will gain a reputation for going above and beyond and benefit from a lifetime of referral business in return. Start today with these 5 simple ways to create an exceptional closing experience.

As Interest Rates Rise, Is Refinancing Still a Viable Option?

It’s no secret that seasonality largely dictates major buying and selling trends across the real estate industry. But what about interest rates?

Frustration to Efficiency: How Collaborative Software Improves the Closing Process

Thanks to new and improved software options, finding the right home has become substantially quicker and more efficient. However, the closing process largely remains a frustrating web of disconnected processes.

Tools to Uncover Hidden Title Issues

Qualia partnered with leading property intelligence and lien search provider PropLogix to bring the title community insightful tips and stats about hidden property issues.

How to Write a Perfect Out-of-Office Message

Craft the perfect out-of-office message with these tips.

Mastering Internal Office Communications

Communications at almost every company could be improved at times. You have probably experienced situations where decisions were made or processes were changed without input from all the impacted stakeholders. Or perhaps noticed that employees who want a change don’t always feel comfortable speaking up. Thankfully, there are 3

Want to Improve Something? Measure It.

Peter Drucker, famed business consultant and author of dozens of business performance books, is often credited with the philosophy that “if you can’t measure, you can’t improve it.” Unfortunately, just because you want to measure something doesn’t mean it’s always easy to do. Whether you want

Why the Future is Bright for Title Professionals

Title professionals are looking for new and innovative ways to operate their business.

How Communication Can Make or Break Successful Transactions

Many service providers are needed to complete any single real estate transaction. Beyond just the buyer and seller, there are of course the title agents, lenders, realtors, notaries, appraisers, the list goes on. With so many parties involved, communication can either be a blessing or a curse. We asked some

5 Problems That You Didn’t Know Were Problems In Task Management

The reality of being a title agent is that the sea of to-do lists never stops coming. Learn how to manage your tasks so that you are the hero at the closing table

Tips on TRID and Technology

With the two-year anniversary of the TRID rule coming up, the MReport, the leading mortgage banking industry publication, asked us for some expert insights about how the industry is dealing with the incorporation of the mandates. Charlotte Brown, one of our product regionalization and document production systems experts, provided her

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