Business Growth

Computer illustration with online learning modules for workplace training

Workplace Training is More Valuable Than Ever – Here’s Why

Employees say workplace training would improve their job satisfaction. Learn how to equip your employees with best-in-class training.

Illustrated yellow clock showing best time to switch to new software

When is the Best Time to Switch Title & Escrow Software?

The best time to switch to new title & escrow software is now. Learn why you should start planning for a switch right after peak home buying season.

Illustration of a man frowning surrounded by too many technology options

Why Too Many Different Technology Tools Can Hurt, Not Help Your Business

Increasing efficiency is about adopting the right technology. Learn how to find technology partners that accelerate your business.

Illustration of lock for cyber security and an eye

Is Homebuyer Education Enough to End the Wire Fraud Epidemic?

Qualia recently joined ALTA’s Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud. Learn why businesses must consider more than education to protect consumers.

Illustration of a laptop showing workflow automation features

Untangling AI and Automation for Real Estate Closings

Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of automation and AI for improved productivity, flexibility, and cost reductions. Read on for more.

The Hidden Benefits of Investing in New Software

Transitioning to new software opens up business benefits that go beyond bottom-line impact. Read on for 4 hidden benefits of switching to a new software.

illustration of happy title & escrow employee smiling in front of people working at computers

ALTA ONE Preview: How to Attract the Next Generation of Employees to Title & Escrow

At a time when recruiting is often equated to building an “alluring tech culture” ALTA ONE speaker, Bill O’Connell believes there needs to be more focus on attracting the right talent. Read on for more.

7 Criteria Every Title & Escrow Company Should Consider When Evaluating Software Options

In title & escrow, software is the backbone supporting daily work. We break down the criteria every company should consider when evaluating software options.

What Can Title & Escrow Companies Learn from Silicon Valley About Testing & Scaling

In part 3 of our digital maturity series, we explore how title & escrow companies can adapt techniques from Silicon Valley startups to move dynamically in the face of change.

SURVEY: Business Owners Prefer Cloud-Based Software Over On-Premise Servers

A nationwide survey indicates that more than half of SMBs have adopted business management software with the majority of businesses deploying cloud-based products in favor of on-premise software. Read more for the benefits of the cloud for title & escrow companies.

Are Title & Escrow Companies Investing Enough in Workplace Learning?

In part two of our digital maturity series, we explore the role of upskilling and training for retaining and attracting talent in the title & escrow industry. Udemy’s Head of Learning and Development delivers best practices for getting a Learning & Development program off the ground.

In the Age of Disruption, Technology-Driven Title & Escrow Companies Come Out Ahead

In part 1 of our series on digital maturity, we offer change management best practices for title companies to transition to technology-enabled workflows & strategies.