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As Legislation for RON Accelerates is Your Business Prepared for Fully-Digital eClosings?

Over the last year, conversations around RON have grown. Now, the conversation is taking on new meaning and intensity in light of COVID-19.

Illustration of automation technology to improve lender efficiency

How to Evaluate Efficiency-Driving Solutions During High-Volume

During periods of high-volume, lenders consider outsourcing or automating tasks in order to gain efficiency. Here’s how to determine which solution is best.

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A Proactive Approach to Disaster Recovery and Public Health Threats: Create a Business Continuity Plan

With the current public health threat, it’s important to implement business continuity plans that enable remote work & core business functions to continue.

Illustration of title and lenders working together with streamlined technology

Qualia’s CTO Discusses How Qualia is Transforming the Mortgage Lender and Title Relationship

We sat down with Qualia’s CTO, Joel Gottsegen to dive deeper into why Qualia created its first lender-focused product, Qualia Post.

Illustration of a mortgage lender and title agent working together through integrated technology

Improving Lender-Title Collaboration with Technology

More than ever, homebuyers expect a streamlined transaction experience. Improving lender & title collaboration may be the key to delivering.

Illustration of different homebuyers signing closing documents for a home purchase

How to Create a “Ceremonial” Experience at Closing and Why it Matters

Homebuyers want to be able to choose how, when, and where they close on a home. Learn how to create a flexible, differentiated home closing experience.

WFG’s Patrick Stone Talks Consolidation, Vertical Integration, and the Future of the Title Industry

Qualia’s CEO sat down with Executive Chairman of WFG, Patrick Stone, to discuss consolidation, vertical integration, and the future of the title industry

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SPECIAL REPORT: The State of the Title Industry in 2020

Read our recap of October Research’s “State of the Industry” report for a preview of what industry professionals are forecasting for 2020.

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Your Cyber Security is Only as Secure as your People

Qualia CTO, Lucas Hansen, sat down with Robert Fly of Elevate Security to discuss how title & escrow companies can build a culture of security.

Illustration of a homebuyer thinking about buying a home online

Fully-Digital or Hybrid eClosings? Here’s What Consumers Want

A recent report found that 81% of consumers prefer to close on their home in-person; however, 70% said they want some digital tools at closing.

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Artificial Intelligence Experts Say AI Won’t Take Over your Job

At the Future of Real Estate Summit, artificial intelligence experts from Qualia and OJO Labs discussed the application of AI in real estate .

illustration of title agents working on digital closings

Survey Shows Higher Consideration for eClosings in 2020

A recent survey shows that more title companies are considering eClosings. Here’s how lender & consumer preferences may push eClosing adoption further.