Business Growth

Thinking about Starting a Title Company? 6 Simple Steps to Do it Right & Fast

Thinking about starting your own title company? To be successful, industry knowledge, attention to detail, top-notch customer relations, and organization is critical.

Expert Tips That Will Make Your Title Business Successful

Learn how providing top-notch customer service, understanding your market, and using sound business practices are key to long-term success.

Illustration of a cybercriminal looking at an email to complete a BEC scam

How to Protect Your Title Company from Wire Fraud

Explore wire fraud & business email compromise in real estate. Learn about the anatomy of a BEC attack & vital security needed for title & escrow to protect all involved in the transaction.

Insights from NS3 2023: 5 Tools to Optimize Your Operations

Learn what industry leaders had to say about the current state of title & escrow and the future of real estate technology at NS3 2023.

How Paramount Title Creates a Client-Centric Closing Process with Qualia Connect

Hear from Debbie Schoenborn, President of Paramount Title, on how her team uses the Progress Tracker in Qualia Connect to drive transparency in the closing process.

Defining the Connected Transaction: 10 Key Terms to Know

Learn the newest terms for designing modern workflows and delivering fast transaction experiences.

Safeguard Your Data: Security Best Practices for Title & Escrow Companies

Learn how to leverage common security features to protect your business and your customers’ data from fraudsters.

[Webinar Recap] ALTA 4.0: Understanding How to Implement the Updated ALTA Best Practices

ALTA Product Director, Steven Gold discusses recent revisions to the ALTA Best Practices framework around emerging technologies with Qualia’s Head of Information Security.

What Are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 and Why Do They Matter for Security?

Discover how SOC 2® and ISO 27001 can help safeguard sensitive information, meet industry standards, and reduce the risk of data breaches.

ALTA Springboard 2023: Title Industry Experts Share Strategies for Building a Resilient Operation

Discover key takeaways from the “Manage Your Operation to Build for the Future” panel at ALTA Springboard 2023.

The Cost of Complexity: Understanding Workflow Debt in Title Operations

Learn about the concept of workflow debt and how it can negatively impact title operations.

How to Ensure Employee Adoption When Modifying Title Production Workflows

Learn how to design employee-friendly workflows that result in increased adoption and success over time.

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