Communications at almost every company could be improved at times. You have probably experienced situations where decisions were made or processes were changed without input from all the impacted stakeholders. Or perhaps noticed that employees who want a change don’t always feel comfortable speaking up.

Thankfully, there are 3 simple fixes that can be put into place to pull your team together and get everyone on the same page.

Internal Communication Tools

The quickest way to boost valuable communication and bubble up ideas from all parts of your company is to have a clear medium of communication. Some companies fit into one room so it’s simple to just talk, but others are separated by walls or even long distances. In these situations, a communication platform on your computer such as Slack or something built into your everyday workflow, such as Qualia’s built-in chat, can lower the activation effort it takes to connect with your colleagues more frequently.

Qualia’s built-in chat makes communicating and collaborating with coworkers easier than ever.

Hold Regular One-on-Ones

If your office is anything like the norm, fire drills come up often and the amount of new work seems to never end. For that reason, it’s important to set up regular times to meet with your colleagues, bosses, and employees to discuss company progress. This should be sacred time that doesn’t get moved and it will afford everyone a safe time to know they’ll have an opportunity to share what’s on their mind or if they need help with anything.

Establish Guidelines for Decision Making

In any business, decisions need to get made. Often, any one decision can impact many who are not part of that decision making process. Set up a consistent process for decision making if you don’t already have one. Start with identifying who the decision will impact, how it may impact them, and if they should be involved in the ultimate decision. If so, invite them into the conversation. You will not only avoid problems down the road, but likely make much more informed decisions with this process in place.