Business Growth

Keys to Successful Vendor Management

Anyone who works in title is all too familiar with the many moving pieces and partnerships that need to be in place to complete a single closing. It’s often overwhelming. In fact many leading title experts will tell you that when work heats up, time management is the ultimate

Debunking 3 Cybersecurity Myths to Protect Your Business

We debunked some of the top cybersecurity myths in order to help you protect your business.

How To Use Technology To Grow Your Business

Are you one of those folks still a little leery of new technology? Do you long for the good old days, when the folks from I.T. could just show up in your office and “take care of things?”

Part II: New Solutions For Title Companies

Hope is on the horizon, as recent innovation in the real estate industry is set to deliver a less stressful, more efficient home buying process for everyone involved.

Part I: Title Agents, Is Your Technology Behind the Times?

This post is the first of a three-part series on how technology is reinventing how we do title settlement. Check back for Part II or subscribe on the sidebar to receive email updates. There’s no doubt about it. Technology has rocked the real estate industry, fundamentally changing every step

Part I: The New Wave of Technology For Title Agents

“Stressful,” “nail-biting,” “time-consuming,” and “dreaded,” are often words associated with a real estate closing—both by the consumer and by the title professional. But the industry’s move into the modern era of technology could change all this.

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