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Mike Peregrina smiles inside of Qualia's Future of Real Estate Summit logo next to his name and title, co-founder and CFO of Homie

Are Consumer Demands Shaping New Real Estate Business Models?

Mike Peregrina, co-founder & CFO of Homie, will speak at Qualia’s FORES event about how the home buying experience is changing in the wake of COVID-19.

Illustration of people holding paychecks from the government as part of the CARES Act

[Special Report] Where will the CFPB Place its Focus in the Wake of COVID-19?

October Research published its Special Report on the CFPB. The report looks back on CFPB leadership and discusses where the bureau will focus next.

Illustration of a real estate closing taking place remotely online.

Technology Requirements for RON eClosings

Delivering reassurance that your systems are secureis paramount for a RON transaction. This confidence starts with investment in the right technology.

Illustration of a title agent meditating on a yoga mat in his home office

The New Work from Home: Here’s Why Wellness Should be Front-and-Center

Placing wellness at the forefront of remote work operations means that the unique circumstances associated with the pandemic are considered.

Illustration of a notary certified document with a certified remote notary in the corner on a computer screen talking to a homebuyer to complete the notarization

How to Become a Remote Online Notary in Your State

For those considering remote notary certification, now is the time to start necessary training in order to meet current and future demand.

Illustration of remote online notarization eClosing documents being prepared e-signed and stored digitally

RON eClosing Documents & Storage: eNotes, eVaults and the eRegistry

Remote online notarization (RON) eClosings require a unique set of documents. Learn how title & lender documents collected, stored, and transferred.

Map of the United States to depict the 27 states where RON legislation is currently passed. Plus the 20 additional states where temporary remote notarization orders are passed due to COVID-19.

COVID Update: Which States Have Passed RON or Temporary Orders for Remote Notarizations?

Learn which states have passed remote online notarization (RON) legislation and which states have passed temporary remote notarization orders during COVID.

Illustration of title agents, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, and homebuyers connecting over video chat

Real Estate Use Cases and Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions are experiencing massive adoption. Learn video chat use cases for real estate. Plus, practices for effective video meetings.

illustration of a graph showing an upward climb for the housing market following COVID19

Will the Housing Market Recover? Predictions from Senior Economist

George Ratiu, Senior Economist at discussed housing market predictions after COVID-19 on an ALTA webinar sponsored by Qualia.

Illustration showing three themes from Qualia's survey: increase in remote work, increase in remote notarizations, and positive sentiment for housing market

Survey Shows Rapid Shift Toward Remote Work & Digital Transactions

A survey by Qualia uncovered 3 trends: more offices are allowing remote work, businesses are adopting RON, and the industry has a positive outlook post-COVID.

Patrick Stone smiles next to his title founder and executive chairman at WFG.

FORES Check: These Predictions from WFG’s Patrick Stone Happened Faster Than Expected

At FORES, WFG’s Pat Stone delivered his title industry predictions. We followed up with him a few months later to learn which predictions were correct.

Illustration of a piggy bank, calculator, and laptop to symbolize refinancing calculations, security concerns, and mortgage options

Resources to Guide Your Clients Through Their Refinancing and Forbearance Options

Title agents and mortgage lenders can help homeowners understand their options during COVID-19 including mortgage forbearance and refinancing options.