Market Trends

The Most Noteworthy Transaction Trends of 2021

Revisit some of the top transaction trends from this past year to see what may be to come for real estate transactions in 2022.

2022: A Pivotal Year for Lender-Title Integrations

Title and mortgage industry leaders discuss the importance of lender and title technology integrations in 2022.

Abstract illustration of technology

Rocket Mortgage COO Offers Insight on Where Technology Will Take Mortgages in 2022

Bob Walters, COO at Rocket Mortgage, discusses three key ways integrated technology systems are transforming the mortgage experience.

Qualia CEO Discusses Real Estate Tech Innovation at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech

Qualia’s CEO discusses how digitizing the title company on a significant scale will unlock a better real estate transaction experience.

Illustration of a laptop as a communication portal

Why Title Companies are Moving to Communication Portals over Email

Learn how communication portals can help safeguard your business and mitigate security threats.

Trends and Takeaways from ALTA ONE 2021

Read our ALTA ONE 2021 recap for trends and takeaways from this year’s event.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

3 Tips for Elevating Security at Your Organization

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Industry leaders share their 3 tips for elevating security at your organization.

eClosings 101: How to Provide Closing Options for Changing Client Demands

Learn more about what eClosings are, how to add eClosings to your closing options, and the latest consumer expectations around the closing process.

Human touch + automations

Human Touch + Automations to Exceed Client Expectations

Learn how automations can help free up title professionals so they can engage with their clients and provide that high-touch experience.

Illustration of woman with tablet

How to Reduce Homebuyers’ Stress & Confusion at Closing

Homebuyers are looking for increased communication and transparency leading up to closing day. Read on for the latest insights to meet their needs.

escrow accounts

Escrow: What Is an Escrow Account in Real Estate?

Learn more about technology considerations for managing escrow accounts.

Illustration of a hand leaving a review on a sliding rating bar

Why Borrower Experience Hinges on Optimized Lender-Title Operations 

At the MBA Great River Conference, Qualia’s Lender Sales Team Lead discussed why technology that works for both lenders and title companies is the way forward for improved borrower experiences.

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