Market Trends

How Mortgage Lenders are Winning Business in a Challenging Market

Mortgage demand is at its lowest level since 2000 driving lenders to get creative with products. What are they offering and how are they ensuring success?

Mortgage Minutes Podcast: Lenders Playbook to Help Homebuyers Make Smart Decisions When Facing Inflation & Recession

Julian Hebron of The Basis Point & Qualia’s Jamie Kump talk about how lenders can build trust with homebuyers by giving insights on inflation & recession.

Agents National Title President Discusses How Tech is a “Force Multiplier” During Challenging Markets

Agents National Title Insurance President & CEO discusses strategies for title companies to earn business and grow during a slow market.

What the SECURE Act Means for Title & Escrow Businesses 

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the SECURE Act of 2022. Read on for what it means for title & escrow businesses across the country.

Title Executives Offer Perspective: Coming out of a Recession Stronger

While businesses generally suffer during a recession, there are a handful of outliers who manage to buck the trend. Learn more.

What is a True Digital Mortgage?

A true digital mortgage experience spans the complete process. Learn how digitizing the mortgage process cuts costs and enhances a borrower’s satisfaction.

Why the Time to Invest in Operations is Now

Studies show that investing in technology and optimizing operations during market down cycles can help businesses survive a recession and thrive afterward.

Shaddock President Discusses M&A and the Role of Technology for Businesses Looking to Buy or Sell

As title companies decide if they will remain steady, grow, or exit due to market changes, tech will be a decisive factor for success.

Where Should Mortgage Lenders Invest to Improve Borrower Experience?

As lenders tighten their belts, they must continue to invest in technology to improve the borrower experience— But where should they invest to curb the inefficiencies of the closing process?

How Title & Escrow Businesses Can Thrive in a Purchase Market (and Any Market)

Title & escrow businesses must think and operate differently in a purchase market compared to a refinance market. Learn more.

As M&A Activity Slows Down, Companies Aiming to Buy and Sell in Title Must Think Differently

At Qualia’s Future of Real Estate Summit, M&A experts sat down to discuss M&A trends from the past two years as well as trends on the horizon. 

How Lenders Can Deliver Optimized Closing Experiences

Learn how lenders can optimize the closing experience for borrowers by improving upon the lender-title relationship.

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