While technology has eased many facets of our lives, only parts of the real estate world have been improved. Thanks to new and refined software options, finding the right home has become substantially quicker and more efficient. However, the closing process largely remains a frustrating web of disconnected processes.

Marc E. Canner, Esq. of Canner Law describes this decades old frustration and explains how Qualia helps to solve the problem. In his recent HousingWire article, “Closing the Gap on the Real Estate Closing Process”, Marc shares how his team went from a fragmented world to a consolidated and improved process. “Ultimately, we decided to use Qualia to provide us with a unified, collaborative, and compliant system,” Marc says. “Collaborative software allows all parties in a real estate transaction to work toward the same goal expediently and efficiently.”

Far too many in the industry continue to rely on manual or disconnected processes that frustrate all parties involved in the closing process alike. Fill out the form below for more information on how you can improve your closing process.