Regional Insights

California Escrow Businesses: It’s Now or Never for Digital Transaction Experiences

Qualia spoke with Pango Group about how they are adapting in light of California escrow laws and regulations to move transactions forward during COVID-19.

[Qualia LIVE Recap] Experts from ATG Title and WFG Weigh in on Returning to Work

Qualia joined ATG Title and WFG to discuss how title & escrow businesses are preparing for returning to work after COVID-19.

Illustration of a man watching a webinar with NATIC and Qualia on RON adoption and COVID-19

[Qualia LIVE Recap]: NATIC Offers Guidance to Keep Real Estate Moving Forward

Qualia joined NATIC on a webinar to discuss how NATIC title & escrow agents are responding to COVID-19 as well as NATIC’s guidelines for RON transactions.

Stills of title professionals conferencing into a video conference with Qualia

Title & Escrow Leaders Share Stories of Creativity, Flexibility and Resilience During COVID-19

Qualia spoke with leaders from title & escrow businesses across the country over video chat to discuss how their teams have adapted to COVID-19.

[Qualia LIVE Recap]: How AmTrust’s Title & Escrow Agents are Responding to COVID-19

In this Qualia LIVE remote event, AmTrust joins Qualia to discuss how title & escrow agents are responding to changes during COVID-19.

Qualia LIVE with ATGF

[Qualia LIVE Recap]: How ATGF’s Title & Escrow Agents are Responding to COVID-19

Leaders from ATGF discuss how title companies in their regions are responding to changing regulations and conditions surrounding COVID-19.

Illustration of real estate professionals using mobile technology to complete eClosings

KYLTA Convention RON Panel Recap: Why Your Business Should Consider eClosings in 2020

Qualia’s Director of Business Development, Max Lamb, discussed the benefits of eClosings and RON alongside other panelists at the KYLTA Conference.

Iowa Title Guaranty Selects Qualia to Become Iowa’s Real Estate Transaction Infrastructure

Iowa Title Guaranty, the state-entity that operates all of Iowa’s real estate transactions, selected Qualia to be its system of record beginning in 2020.

Illustrated man tapping a screen during day three of ALTA ONE Conference

ALTA ONE Daily Digest: Day Three

Qualia is your go-to resource for ALTA ONE insights. Read our daily digest for the can’t-miss presentations from day three of ALTA ONE.

Illustrated woman tapping a screen on day two of ALTA ONE conference

ALTA ONE Daily Digest: Day Two

Qualia is your go-to resource for ALTA ONE insights. Here’s our recommended presentations and events you’ll want to attend on Thursday of ALTA ONE.

Illustrated man looking at tablet during day one of ALTA ONE Conference

ALTA ONE Daily Digest: Day One

Our Daily ALTA ONE guides offer our take on the can’t-miss sessions each day of the conference. Here’s our recommended sessions for day one.

Can Title & Escrow Companies Prepare for the Unpredictable? A Look at Government Ransomware Attacks

As cyber threats on local government offices continue to rise, how can title & escrow companies prepare themselves to keep their business running and clients informed during a local shutdown?