Many service providers are needed to complete any single real estate transaction. Beyond just the buyer and seller, there are of course the title agents, lenders, realtors, notaries, appraisers, the list goes on.

With so many parties involved, communication can either be a blessing or a curse. We asked some of the country’s most established title agents how they use they use communication to improve the closing experience and keep their business partners happy. Here are the top three tips we heard.

Keep a list of key contacts handy

The amount of people and companies you work with continue to expand. It can be hard to remember who has handled certain tasks or remember personal details about someone you worked with previously. Keep a list of your valuable business contacts directly in your workflow and you’ll chop off hours of work every week.

Document conversations

Speaking of memory, nobody is perfect. When dealing with complex transactions, make sure to write down details of important phone conversations. Better yet, transact with third parties through a software system that automatically documents all information associated for each file in one comprehensive place.

Set expectations early and often

Deadlines change for countless reasons that are often outside of your control. Find ways to frequently update the parties you’re working with on your status and expect the same in return. Doing so will eliminate any unwanted surprises and improve your relationships.

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