Yordano Lopez and David Schenirer, homebuyers, discuss Qualia Connect

Qualia Connect Guides First-Time Homebuyers Through Closing Process

Learn how Yordano Lopez and David Schenirer bought their first home with Qualia Connect.

Illustrated man taking lessons on Qualia University on product training

Qualia University

Qualia University is an online, self-paced training program that guides you through every step of Qualia’s platform.

Anthony Latham and Ray Manuel from National Title Solutions share about the benefits of Qualia Marketplace

National Title Solutions Saves 30 Hours per Week with Qualia Marketplace

Learn how National Title Solutions Saves 30 Hours per Week with Qualia Marketplace.

Happy couple sharing about home-buying experience with Qualia Connect

Qualia Connect Gives Transparency, Security, and Ease for Homebuyers

Learn how Melissa and Justin Swisher used Qualia Connect to make their home-buying experience simple and secure.

Headshot of Mike Rubin from Alliant National Title Insurance Company

Alliant Executive Describes Qualia as One of the Most Innovative Closing Platforms

Learn why Alliant National Title Insurance Company believes Qualia is one of the leading closing platforms on the market.

Windermere Real Estate Retains More Clients with Qualia

Realtors at Windermere attract more clients by working with title & escrow companies closing on Qualia. Read on to learn more.

How to Evaluate eClosing Options

eClosings are gaining adoption across the US. Learn what digital closing options may be available for your business and how to get started with eClosings.

eClosing Webinar

Simplify eClosings for Your Title & Escrow Company

Client demand for eClosings is rising and eClosing legislation is quickly being passed nationwide. But bottlenecks and obstacles to full adoption at the state and local level still exist. So how do you provide an eClosing experience that meets your clients’ expectations?

Vista Improves Customer Experience with Qualia Connect

After 95% of Vista Title & Escrow customers said lack of communication was a frustration, Vista purchased Qualia Connect. Read on for Vista’s success story.

Alliance Property Transfer Increases Capacity by 4X

Alliance Property Transfer uses Qualia to streamline processes and improve closing efficiency. Learn how Alliance was able to 4X its business capacity.

Image of Nate Baker and Ben Rubenstein with green background

Staying Ahead of the Customer Curve

Qualia CEO and Opcity CEO discuss changing customer expectations in real estate transactions and how to stay ahead of the curve.

Illustration of online reviews with text "Build a Brand Clients Love"

Build a Brand Clients Love

Join former Experience Manager at Lyft as he discusses the value of customer experience and the keys to building a solid reputation.