Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Meghna Bhasin on Finding Her Career Path at Qualia

Meghna Bhasin, Operations Manager at Qualia, discusses finding her career path and making the transition to operations.

Meet the Team: Eric Calderon on Learning a New Industry at Qualia

Eric Calderon, Senior Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager, discusses joining Qualia and switching industries.

Meet the Team: Tom Morgan on the Impact of Industry Relations

Tom Morgan, Senior Industry Relations Representative, discusses the impact of the IR team at Qualia.

Meet the Team: Sophie Navarro on Career Growth at Qualia

Sophie Navarro, People Operations at Qualia, discusses how her career has grown at Qualia.

Priyanka Srinivasan smiling against a grey backdrop

Meet the Team: Priyanka Srinivasan on Qualia’s Mission

Priyanka Srinivasan, Director of Product Marketing, discusses her decision to join Qualia in its mission to revolutionize the real estate transaction.

Stephanie Wharton smiles in a red top

Meet the Team: Stephanie Wharton on Qualia’s Culture of Kindness

Stephanie Wharton, People Operations at Qualia, discusses how Qualia’s kind, collaborative culture convinced her to join the team.

Travis Geis smiles in front of a black background

Meet the Team: Travis Geis on Engineering Culture at Qualia

Travis Geis, engineering lead at Qualia, discusses the engineering culture at Qualia and

Meet the Team: Mimi Bolden on Switching Careers and Discovering New Purpose

Mimi Bolden, Industry Relations Consultant at Qualia, discusses why she chose to make the switch from public health to a career in real estate tech.

Meet the Team: Jon NeCamp on Engineering Opportunities at Qualia

Jon NeCamp, Senior Software Engineer at Qualia, discusses his decision to rejoin the company after a two year break.

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