As a seasoned real estate lawyer, I’ve been fortunate to have a career that has spanned different industries and taken me across the country. I’ve worked in government, the nonprofit sector, and for several for-profit organizations. I’ve lived in my home state of Texas, as well as Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, California. Regardless of where I’ve lived, however, I have always found the concept of home—a place that is not only safe and secure, but also truly yours—to be at the center of our lives.

It’s no surprise, then, that Qualia’s mission to make homeownership more accessible is what ultimately inspired me to join the company.

When I joined in 2018, I was taken aback by the engineering talent and business visionaries who bring Qualia to life. Everyone at Qualia shares a commitment to both producing high quality work and upholding our values that I have not found anywhere else in my professional career. We’re focused on fundamentally improving the homebuying experience. These aren’t solutions for small or niche problems. We’re building technology that can transform an industry.


As a member of the Industry Relations team, I spend most of my days talking to service providers in the industry about their pain points, what technology they’re using, and how Qualia might be able to make their lives easier. Not quite Sales or Customer Success, Industry Relations is a role that’s primarily focused on cultivating strong industry relationships. I consider myself to be a partner to the industry, frequently meeting with Qualia users and non-users alike to discuss technological advancements and the future of real estate. Because I spend so much time in the field, I provide Qualia with a direct line to the greater real estate community. I regularly receive invaluable feedback and ideas that I can then relay to our product and engineering teams. This kind of industry insight has a profound impact on our product roadmap and enables us to continue building solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

With my background as a real estate lawyer, I also dedicate time to monitoring legislative and regulatory activity related to real estate. An incredible amount of information is published daily on changing public policy, so I read as much as I can in order to provide colleagues with summaries and analysis that are relevant to Qualia. I’ve also had the opportunity to engage in conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges within the real estate industry, topics I’ve researched a fair amount. Last summer, for instance, I held a session where I gave a presentation on discrimination in real estate followed by a lively discussion.

It’s been exciting to be a part of so much growth at Qualia since I joined the team three years ago. While we’ve expanded greatly, however, the company’s mission remains the same. In the end, we’re enabling families to put down roots and choose where home is. I look forward to continuing to clear the path to homeownership in the years to come.

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