As the pandemic turned our world upside down, I took the shift in everyday life as an opportunity to think about the next step in my career. I had been working as a demand generation leader for the last nine years, focusing primarily on targeting IT buyers. As I began settling into my new shelter-in-place life, I realized that now was as good a time as any to make a change. After all, the world was changing in ways I never could have imagined previously.

I learned about Qualia via a referral from a peer at my previous employer. At the time, I knew nothing about the company, the industry, or the problems they were solving. I did some digging, reading through Qualia’s website and blog to get a better understanding of the company’s products. I had limited knowledge of real estate or the transaction process, but Qualia’s ultimate goal seemed crystal clear. Qualia is making it easy to buy and sell homes in the United States, which is a mission I knew I could get behind.

I applied for a Senior Customer Lifecycle Marketing role. The Demand Generation team at Qualia was scaling, and this was a position they had never hired for before. I knew this was a huge opportunity to help build from the ground up, and likely meant a chance for accelerated—and exhilarating—growth. I had already made the jump to a customer lifecycle position at my last company, so I was excited to continue down this new path. While I enjoyed bringing in new clients as a demand generation marketer, I knew existing, happy, and loyal customers are the heartbeat of every company.


After meeting with the Qualia team, I was sold. I could hear how passionate my new coworkers were about the challenges the company is solving and knew this was exactly the kind of change I was looking for. Not only does Qualia have a solid customer base and a strong, growing Marketing team, but the company is also clearly successful. I learned more about how they manage that success in a somewhat quiet, humble way once I started.

It’s only been a few months since I joined, but I feel confident that I made the right decision. With everyone still remote, I was a little unsure as to how I would connect with my teammates or get up to speed quickly. Thankfully, it turns out I had nothing to worry about. My first month at Qualia was full of introductions and virtual coffee chats, as well as two weeks of industry and product training that helped me dive right into the world of real estate. I feel like everyone I’ve interacted with at Qualia so far seems personally invested in my success, always taking the time to get to know me on a personal level as well as professional. It didn’t take long for the entire Marketing team to learn about my love for Ohio State football and Taco Bell.

As a bonus, I feel energized being in an entirely new industry. Anyone who buys a home knows what a huge step and commitment that is—it’s the biggest purchase most people will ever make. Knowing that we’re trying to make that process transparent and easy so that more people can have access to homeownership is an incredible feeling. I’m excited to be helping my teammates further accelerate turning that vision into a reality.

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