Before I joined Qualia in 2017, I was looking for an engineering role where I could be more than just a technical contributor. I wanted to build products from the ground up. It’s common for engineers to join companies and work out of a queue of tickets, but I knew I wanted to work for a company where I could push myself creatively and find ways to use all my skills beyond just coding.

Qualia has fostered a unique engineering-driven culture that’s ideal for developers who want to design and build impactful solutions for complex problems. The engineering team is involved in every step of product development, from needfinding and scoping technical design to defining backend logic, creating the user interface, and finally releasing products. Alongside the rest of our product and engineering teams, I get a chance to define not only how the product should work, but also how it should look and feel for our users.

Travis discusses working at Qualia

As a bonus, the product is fun to work on. Qualia invests heavily in engineering productivity and development tools like debugging tools and UI toolkits that make it easier for us to build products. The time from idea to implementation is short; we often find that it’s faster for us to develop a working product prototype than it is to create a mock-up image.

It’s been an exciting journey with Qualia so far, and I’m lucky to have gotten the chance to work with the amazing team here on such ambitious goals. Qualia is modernizing the real estate industry by streamlining the home buying and selling process and also by introducing new capabilities the industry has never seen before. We have an incredible business opportunity, and it’s been fun as an engineer to build and release products to a user base that’s so hungry for new solutions and technologies.

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