When a Qualia recruiter first reached out to me, I wasn’t sure if Qualia would be the right fit. My background was primarily in Public Health and Human Development—I’ve always had a passion for helping others, so I found a great sense of purpose in the health and medical field. I had started out as a Program Coordinator for the AIDS Foundation in Houston, and then eventually moved to Austin and worked for the American Cancer Society as a Cancer Resource Specialist and then a Service Delivery Coordination Specialist.

At the time, I knew very little about real estate and had always envisioned staying within the field of public health. I was curious, though, and decided to apply. During my interviews, it became obvious that the people at Qualia were not only friendly and welcoming but also excited to be in real estate and passionate about making it easier for people to buy homes.

Mimi Bolden Discusses Life at Qualia

My career path has done a full 360. I ended up joining the Industry Relations team in early 2019, and I’m glad I made the jump from health to tech. Being at Qualia has offered opportunities for personal and professional growth I never had in previous roles. It may sound cliche, but I wake up every morning looking forward to my workday. I feel like Qualia cares about me as both a person and an employee, and my coworkers are not only kind and enthusiastic, but they’re also extremely fun to be around.

Best of all, I still feel like I’m helping others in my work with Qualia. While I’m no longer focused directly on public health in the medical sense, I’ve found a similar sense of purpose in Qualia’s mission to make homeownership more accessible to millions of people and families across the country. Whether I’m working with title agents, underwriters, lenders, or my fellow coworkers, I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives by ensuring homeownership remains an achievable dream for all.

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