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Special Report: What Can the Title Industry Expect from the New Director of the CFPB?

As the newest CFPB Director settles into her role, the title industry is waiting to see how her approach will impact real estate sector. The latest Special Report from October Research + Qualia highlights what’s to come for the CFPB and what the title industry can expect.

eClosing Webinar

Untangling the Complexities of eClosings

Learn more about eClosings and insights on best practices for navigating the digital landscape.

Getting Ahead in Today’s Competitive Environment. Qualia’s Discussion with Compass, Quicken Loans, and Agentology

At the Inman Connect Conference Qualia CEO, Nate Baker, joined Compass, Quicken Loans, and Agentology to discuss how businesses can get ahead in today’s competitive environment.

What’s Next for Real Estate? A Conversation with Former President and COO of Trulia

Qualia CEO sat down with former President and COO of Trulia to talk about the real estate industry including the rise of iBuyers, fragmentation & more. Watch the interview to learn more.

3 Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss Each Day of NS3

NS3 is right around the corner and Qualia will be there alongside more than 750 attendees to hear from some of the top minds in the industry. We’ve chosen 3 can’t-miss presentations from each day of NS3 to help you get a jumpstart on your agenda.

Taking a Page from the Amazon Handbook, How a Customer-First Approach will Transform Real Estate

While Amazon has yet to enter the real estate industry, the e-commerce giant is impacting the space through its influence on customer expectations. At the TET Conference, Qualia CEO sat down with representatives from Compass and Pango Group to discuss customer experience in the home buying transaction.

Security Best Practices for Title & Escrow Companies in a Digital Age

What can title companies do to keep their information safe? Here are some security best practices that should be in every title company’s digital security plan.

How the Government Shutdown is Affecting the Title Industry

With the large number of agencies and employees affected, how does the government shutdown impact the title and real estate industries?

2019’s Economic and Regulatory Changes That You Need to Know

As 2018 comes to a close, there have been a number of big changes that have influenced the entire real estate industry. We want to look ahead to next year to better understand the biggest potential economic and regulatory that may affect your business in 2019.

Industry Insiders Prepare You for the 2019 Economic and Regulatory Updates You Need to Know

Qualia is excited to sponsor October Research’s Economic and Regulatory Outlook 2019 Webinar on Tuesday, December 11th at 2pm EST, where you can learn about the most important changes that you need to be aware of in the new year.

Inman Connect: Helping Your Clients Through the Transaction

Thousands of real estate professionals met in San Francisco this week at one of the real estate industry’s biggest events, Inman Connect. Real estate agents, brokerages, and tech companies from all over get together annually to discuss the industry’s most important needs and look to the future.

The Industry Insider: Preparing for TRID 2.0 on October 1

In the Qualia Industry Insider series, we’ll describe these important changes for you in plain English, so you and your team have all the information you need to be successful in the months ahead.

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