As 2018 comes to a close, there have been a number of big changes that have influenced the entire real estate industry. We want to look ahead to next year to better understand the biggest potential economic and regulatory changes that may affect your business in 2019.

In the recent Economic and Regulatory Outlook 2019 webinar hosted by October Research, LLC, Qualia’s CEO Nate Baker moderated an in-depth review of the upcoming must-know changes with two other industry leaders, Patrick Stone (Executive Chairman & Founder of WFG) and Ken Markison (Of Counsel at Weiner Brodsky Kider PC).

Nate, Patrick, and Ken explored a wide range of topical issues, including the role of venture capital in real estate, ways title companies can protect themselves from increasing competition, and the impact that iBuyers, like Opendoor, have on the market.

Patrick also outlined several compelling stats and discussed his views on a few engaging topics, such as:

  • How shifting divorce rates impact employment,
  • The ultimate impact of tax cuts,
  • How monopolistic behavior has been good for the economy,
  • Why we’re in a corporate debt bubble instead of a housing bubble, and
  • How home ownership rates have changed by age.

They also discussed the key points that will likely have an affect on the upcoming year, including that:

  • The economy will grow 2.5-2.7%,
  • Inflation will slowly increase, and
  • The Fed will raise rates at least twice.

It’s the next four years and beyond, though, where more optimism and action are predicted, ultimately leading to more transparency for consumers. The panel discussed how, by 2023:

  • We will be fully recovered from the next recession,
  • Automation will have an impact all refinance transactions,
  • The title industry will continue to consolidate, and
  • Realtors will still remain a critical component of the real estate transaction.

To get the full breakdown on the outlook for 2019 and learn more about the important details that Patrick, Ken, and Nate discussed, visit October Research, LLC to access the webinar. Learn more about the next year in the economy and what the new BCFP Director will hope to accomplish in this thought-provoking webinar.

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