Three Ways Technology Can Grow Your Title Business

Guest Post by Cindy McGovern, First Lady of Sales at Orange Leaf Consulting

Are you one of those folks still a little leery of new technology? Do you long for the good old days, when the folks from I.T. could just show up in your office and “take care of things?”

Well, it’s time to embrace your inner geek! Technology is not only a vital asset and resource, but it drives every aspect of how we do business in 2017. Here are three ways technology can grow your business…and help you GROW BIG!

  1. Track your customers – the good, the bad, and the ugly. You know that there are good customers, and there are not-so-good customers. And you may rely on gut instinct to tell them apart. But technology can tell you which ones are actually profitable, and which ones are costing YOU money. For instance, let’s say you have a customer who sends you a lot of business, but only about half of their deals actually close. That means you are working for free half of the time—and that’s not a wise business model.
  2. Maximize your tech assets – they can do more than you think. Far too often, we invest in new software because we need a specific thing that it can do….and then forget to explore any of its other features. Just like the butchers of olden days used “every bit of the cow,” you need to consider using every feature and function that your software offers. You may not think you have time to review all of the tutorials and videos, but investing a few minutes here and there to learn how to fully use your new tools can often save you untold hours in the months (and years) to come.
  3. Think inside…and outside. Don’t limit yourself to just optimizing your internal processes to maximize workplace efficiencies. Every day brings new methods of communicating with the outside world— your customers. Today’s buyer isn’t content to sit back and wait for you to get everything done. Your current customer base, especially the millennials, expect to play an active role in every transaction. And with endless ways to “check in,” including social media, they expect communication, and rapid response. You need to be ready, and get back to them—before they turn their attention elsewhere (and they start telling their friends how things went.)

How Qualia Can Bring Your Office Up to Speed

By Abby Hewitt, Business Operations at Qualia

With all this great advice, you might be thinking, “I’m fully onboard, but I am so busy… where do I even get started?” Our goal at Qualia is to bring you up to speed as quickly and easily as possible, so that you can skip the hassle and start seeing a true impact on your bottom line. Below are a few specific examples of how we put Cindy’s advice into action.

Track Your Customers

Tracking the profitability of your customer base is essential to a sound business model. Qualia Reporting allows you to no longer go by “feel”, but to easily access and analyze your data whenever you need it. Qualia Reports are:

  1. Up-To-Date: Thanks to our cloud-based technology, all of your business reports are updated in real-time.
  2. Always Available: Never worry about having to request a report in advance again; all of your reports are easily accessible from the “Reports” tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Customizable: Don’t see your favorite reports in our pre-built templates? Use the Custom Report tool to make as many reports as you like, using whatever data and filters you need.
  4. Accurate: With instant contact de-duplication and a centralized home for all your business data, Qualia Reports act as the single source-of-truth for running your business.

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Maximize Your Tech Assets

We make using Qualia incredibly easy to learn and use. In fact, a lot of Qualia users even describe it as fun! With an intuitive design, page tutorials, and industry-leading onboarding and account management teams, we make sure your team is leveraging Qualia to reach maximum productivity starting on day one.

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Our Help Center is always easily accessible so your team doesn’t have to waste time waiting for an answer.

Think inside and outside

Qualia gives you the tools you need to ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved in the transaction. Built-in email, partner integrations and portals, and workflow notifications make frequent communication and transparency more simple than you ever thought possible.

Want to see more? We would love to show you all of the ways that Qualia makes using new technology easy, allowing you to improve your customer experience and grow your business. Sign up for our upcoming webinar or a demo personalized to your office’s needs.