Recently, members of the Resware user community came together in Denver, CO for the 2023 Resware Professionals Workshop. Guests of the event heard from Qualia CEO Nate Baker, Head of Resware R&D, Jason Doherty, and new Resware GM, Brian Thome, on the future of the product. Members of the Resware product and customer success teams hosted training sessions and roundtable discussions with those in attendance.

While Qualia has hosted a number of Resware product sessions since the company’s acquisition of Adeptive in 2020, this workshop marks the first event exclusive to its Resware user base. The day’s agenda was designed to sharpen the skills of Resware users, encourage conversation to shape a forward-thinking future, and foster community engagement and collaboration. 

Product insights

Jason Doherty, Head of Resware R&D, took to the stage to offer a glimpse into Qualia’s long-term vision for the Resware product. While presenting on the Resware product roadmap for 2024 and beyond, Doherty shared that Resware’s Product team is focusing on five major areas of investment to drive ongoing value to the real estate transaction, including:

  1. Modernization efforts to keep Resware up to date
  2. Safe, fast, and repeatable upgrades to ensure adoption of new features and minimize upgrade risks
  3. Performance and memory management to make Resware 10 the fastest and most stable version of Resware
  4. Connectivity and third-party integrations to maintain and expand the Resware ecosystem
  5. Security and compliance to protect title & escrow companies and their customers

Doherty also spoke to Qualia’s plans to improve connectivity by modernizing Resware’s APIs.

A virtual session of the Resware Product Roadmap is in development for users who were unable to attend the 2023 Resware Professionals Workshop.

New features and workflow training

User Admin guests participated in hands-on training on Resware 10 features, led by  experts from the Resware Product and Professional Services teams. Key sessions spotlighted the revamped Emails/Notes tab and the new Action Visualizer, designed to streamline and enhance workflow configurations and troubleshooting.

Admins were also equipped with strategic insights on refining Resware workflows for greater operational efficiency to help eliminate workflow debt. These best practices include:

  • Using  visual cues, such as categorization through naming conventions and leveraging descriptive labeling, to help maintain consistency and increase transparency
  • Strategically implementing Start Groups to minimize delays and enhance overall performance
  • Leveraging Product and Workflow Partners to drive automation

Look out for ways to watch these sessions on-demand.

Future investments and live feedback

A notable highlight of the Workshop was the collaborative engagement between Qualia’s leadership team and executives from some of the largest customers using Resware. These executive roundtable sessions paved the way for real-time feedback and actionable discussions regarding future investments in Resware.

“The Resware community has many of the most impactful and forward-thinking companies in the industry,” noted Brian Thome, General Manager for Resware. “The Resware product is a strategic part of Qualia’s overall product portfolio, and we’re excited to continue to work directly with the community on developing the future of Resware.”

Qualia leadership reconfirmed the company’s long-term investment in the Resware product and its user community. They highlighted recent improvements to Resware’s software development and release processes as the first steps in building a strong foundation for future product enhancements.

Heavy investment has been made to transition from a custom development  to a product-led development model. This new approach allows for monthly releases to the Resware product, along  with automated release notes. It also allows for greater automation for UAT testing, enabling new functionality to be reliably released to Resware users with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Resware and the Connected Transaction

During the workshop, Nate Baker, CEO of Qualia, explained Resware’s pivotal role within the Qualia product ecosystem, underscoring its alignment with Qualia’s mission of driving the Connected Transaction

In March, Qualia announced the launch of Qualia Atlas—its cloud-based enterprise offering that combines title & escrow production and vendor management with client connectivity to manage the unique complexity of national enterprise operations.

Since the release of Atlas, there have been questions around how Resware and Atlas fit into Qualia’s product portfolio. Baker provided clarification around the matter, noting that both Resware and Atlas play a critical role in achieving the goal of a Connected Transaction, with Resware offering an on-prem solution for those title & escrow organizations who prefer the flexibility of its open integration to bring point solutions together.

Long-term investment and commitment

The Resware Professionals Workshop stood as a valuable meeting ground, bringing together the product’s user community and key members of Qualia’s team. It was a deep dive into the features now available in Resware 10 and a glimpse into what the future holds for Resware.  “It is very exciting to know that our future with Resware looks very bright,” said one guest following the event. “There seems to be a new commitment to [Resware] users and their interests,” agreed another.

The Qualia team came away from the day with fresh perspectives on how to further serve Resware users and foster strong partnerships with companies leveraging Resware to build their businesses far into the future.

“We’re very happy with the engagement we saw from our guests during the Workshop and the enthusiasm they brought to all of the sessions,” said Ben Scott, Director of Resware Customer Success. “It’s given us a lot of insight into how  we can continue to improve the Resware product in collaboration with this knowledgeable and passionate community.”

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