Case Studies

Yordano Lopez and David Schenirer, homebuyers, discuss Qualia Connect

Qualia Connect Guides First-Time Homebuyers Through Closing Process

First-time homebuyers, Yordano Lopez and David Schenirer, share how they used Qualia Connect to navigate the closing process.

Happy couple sharing about home-buying experience with Qualia Connect

Homebuyers share how Qualia Connect brings transparency, security, and ease into closing process

Learn how Justin and Melissa Swisher used Qualia Connect to make their home-buying process simple and secure.

Sandi, Realtor at Windermere, shares how Qualia Connect helps retain and attract new millennial homebuyers

Realtors at Windermere attract and retain more clients by working with title & escrow companies closing on Qualia

Learn how Windermere North Spokane used Qualia to attract millennial home-buyers and sellers

How Alliance Property Transfer increased its business capacity by 4x

“I wish Qualia existed 18 years ago when I first started working in the industry. I can’t believe how fast and intuitive it is – everything I need is in one place. It’s different from any other closing software I’ve ever seen. ” Bill T., Closing Success Leader

After 95% of potential clients say lack of communication is main point of frustration, Vista brings on Qualia Connect

Vista’s new closing platform has transformed my transactions. It’s all much more organized, and I love that my clients can see what is going on. The status update bar and notifications keep us on target and on the same page. I especially appreciate knowing if there is no update – so I can tell my clients that!” Sandi. S, Real Estate Agent”

Cislo Title Modernizes Closing Process with Qualia, Saving Costs and Eliminating Downtime

With Qualia, there’s so much more productivity. Qualia has been a big factor in modernizing our business – everything you need is in there in one whole package. ” Terrence A. Sheerin, Director of Operations”

How AFMC Cut 5 Hours Off Their Daily Loan Processing Time with Connect

“Qualia is a different type of software. You get the clarity and speed you need because you know the information is there and correct.” Andrew R. McElroy, Vice President, Mortgage Operations

How Thrive Title Heightened Data Security and Increased Productivity by 20%

“Having Connect greatly reduced the number of phone calls we get from our lenders. Just an overwhelming amount of our clients love the Connect component – it’s transparent, automatic, and intuitive. Qualia is the best title product software that exists.” McDavid Flowers, President, Thrive Title

How Austin Craft Realty Used Qualia to Deliver a Differentiated Closing Experience to Clients

Brendan Ross, a real estate agent at Austin Craft Realty, was introduced to Qualia Connect last year when his partner title company provided an invitation onto the platform for one of their transactions. Check out the video below to find out how Qualia Connect helped him grow his business.

Stonewall Title Decreases Time Spent on Reconciliations from Weeks to Minutes Using Qualia

When Stonewall Title Company started looking into upgrading their title software, they knew that they needed a partner that would not only align with their company goals, but would also help them grow in the future.

How Qualia Connect Reduces Workload and Stress for the Team at Paramount Title Services

Since using Qualia’s cloud-based software along with Qualia Connect, Paramount owner Lisa Cox has seen improvements across every aspect of the company’s day-to-day experience.

How Boston’s Canner Law Gained Their Competitive Advantage in the Real Estate Closing Industry

Canner Law & Associates, PC was named one of the top real estate law firms in Boston, MA for 2018 and have been in practice for over 15 years. Check out the video below to find out how they stayed on the competitive edge and grew their business.

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