Practical First Steps for Title Companies to Get Started with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers exciting possibilities for title & escrow companies to increase efficiency and improve employee satisfaction. Learn how to get started with AI today.

Highlights from the 2023 Resware Professionals Workshop

Members of the Resware community came together for training, strategic discussion, and glimpse into the future at the 2023 Resware Professionals Workshop.

Illustration of a business woman determining workplace training programs for her employees after COVID-19

Where Will Businesses Focus Employee Training Post-Pandemic?

When COVID-19 ends, employees will face new routines and will require training for new ways of doing business. Learn how to revamp your training materials.

Illustration of title professionals doing title & escrow work

What Is Title in Real Estate & What Do Title Companies Do?

In this series, you’ll learn about the closing process and how innovation is transforming real estate transactions for the better.

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