It’s no surprise that global online consumption doubled last year. Today it is estimated that adults in the United States now spend an average of nearly eight hours online each day, and that number is likely to grow. Consumer expectations have rapidly transformed as a result of this always-on culture. Consumers want transparency and proactive updates on the status of every transaction in their lives—from online food orders to package deliveries. 

These dramatically shifting expectations also apply to real estate transactions where response times can make or break an experience. According to a study by Salesforce, 83% of customers expect to engage with someone immediately when contacting a company and over half of customers expect some level of personalization in their interactions with these companies. 

Title & escrow businesses that are implementing digital processes now are valuable partners to mortgage lenders and real estate agents who also strive to deliver the most personalized and modern experience possible for their clients. 

Communicate with partners and clients more efficiently

Qualia Connect provides consumers a one-stop shop for closings by bringing together the entire closing team onto one secure, cloud-based portal. The portal provides time savings and increases efficiency through its built-in communication and document sharing tools, which help expedite order processing and provide a seamless closing experience. 

Automations in Connect help to speed up previously manual, time-consuming tasks so that title professionals can focus on what matters most: their customers. Even with access to more online resources than ever before, homebuyers and sellers still need real estate professionals to help expertly guide them through the closing process. Automated communications free up title professionals to be able to engage with their clients to provide that high-touch experience when they need it most.

Newly enhanced Connect Automations are uniquely designed to meet these growing needs of title & escrow companies, their partners, and homebuyers and sellers—especially in this competitive housing market. These new Connect Automations further empower title companies to scale while still offering a white-glove, high-touch client experience through trigger-based customizable communications and document sharing. Title professionals can now:

  • Select new types of triggers (i.e., funds disbursed, earnest added, etc.) and send automated messages to various parties throughout the closing process when a particular scenario occurs. 
  • Choose which documents are sent automatically to partners and clients based on the transaction type.
  • Trigger information requests when specific actions take place in an order.

Additionally, those solely representing a buyer or seller can also tailor communications (in select states) with a new Targeted Invites feature, which is highly applicable in split closing states. 

The new features also improve how our customers work within their company, eliminating countless hours spent repeatedly drafting and sending messages manually for each transaction. Kellie Hogan of Journey Settlements said, “Now that our [Qualia Connect] automations are set up, I don’t have to think twice about reaching out about specific tasks. The emails just go out automatically. I can answer the phone more often and not get distracted by a contract needing to go out. Now, I can address other situations to assist clients better without sending out repetitive emails.”

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