This is a historic moment for the U.S. real estate market. Record-breaking low inventory, higher home prices, fewer days on market, and refi volumes continue to make headlines. While all this is unfolding, the real estate industry is also in the midst of a digital transformation. The pandemic has pushed the industry forward at a rapid pace. Remote, digital closing options made technology adoption a necessity. All the while, consumer expectations continue to drive further digitalization.

This convergence of factors has made it imperative for title & escrow companies to evolve to meet today’s partner and client expectations. Qualia’s 2021 Homebuyer Sentiment Index found that 62% percent of homebuyers want a fully digital closing experience, yet only 13% of recent homebuyers report receiving digital closings. As such, companies are seeking ways to become more efficient at processing the fluctuating volume of orders while also needing to find ways to make each client feel like they are of the utmost importance. Optimizing operational efficiencies while delivering exceptional client experiences is challenging, but it’s crucial to remain competitive and not get left behind.

That’s why we have continued to expand what Qualia Connect has to offer. Connect is unlike any other platform on the market. It is a robust client portal that is fully integrated into Qualia users’ settlement software. This level of integration ensures businesses can efficiently acquire and strengthen meaningful client relationships with automated order management, customizable communications, and differentiated eClosing tools. Since its inception, Connect has enabled secure, automated client engagements. Over the last 6 months, we have taken its capabilities to the next level—every new feature is intended to provide title & escrow professionals with greater efficiencies to meet consumer and partner demands while providing an exceptional closing experience for all involved in the transaction.

New features to automate and scale title operations

Qualia Connect users will benefit from a set of new features built to automate and scale title operations, including: 

  • Customizable Automated Communications: Businesses can now configure triggers to automatically send custom-tailored communications to clients based on activity in the file. This eliminates any time spent repeatedly drafting and sending the messages manually. Additionally, those solely representing a buyer or seller can also tailor communications (in select states) with a new Targeted Invites feature.
  • New Quoting & Ordering to Meet Bulk Demand: As title & escrow companies continue to experience high demand, they require solutions to be better business partners and win business. Qualia’s new bulk ordering and auto accept features increase a title company’s capacity to accept new business and automatically engage with a new client the moment they place an order. 
  • Expanded Options to Deliver Remote Closings: To meet consumer expectations for real-time and multichannel communication, we previously released Connect Video Chat to give transaction participants a way to engage securely over video conference. Now, in select states, title & escrow companies can also use Qualia RON to provide a fully digital, remote closing experience without leaving their core workflow software, and additional states are being added over the coming months.
  • Enhanced Security to Help Combat Cybercrime: To contend with the growing threat of cybersecurity and wire fraud, Connect works for you to mitigate security risks with a new default two-factor authentication setting for all users. 
  • Optimized Integrations to Facilitate End-to-End Solutions for Business Partners: Over half of recent homebuyers reportedly chose their real estate agent based on a differentiated level of service around closing. Qualia’s custom-built integrations make Connect users attractive business partners to mortgage lenders and real estate agents. One prime example is Qualia’s integration within the® ReadyConnect ConciergeSM Agent app. This integration (currently available in select states) enables title & escrow professionals to be discovered by new sources of business. Most importantly, it also provides real estate agents an automated way to deliver that differentiated level of service. 

This new phase of Qualia Connect delivers even more operational efficiencies and the transaction experience title & escrow companies are craving in a time where growth and premium customer service depend on flexible, dependable, automated features to manage client and partner interactions. Click below for more information and to request a demo.

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