After two record-breaking years, with 4.1 trillion home sales in 2020 and 4.4 trillion in 2021, the real estate market has leveled out in 2022. The Federal Reserve began to combat inflation in March to help prevent a recession which, in turn, slowed down home sales and overall real estate transaction volume.

Headlines depict a picture of doom and gloom for the housing market, but above all that noise, data shows we are currently in the midst of a buyer’s market. Homebuyers are well-positioned to buy homes now, but they must be equipped with well-rounded facts and knowledge to evaluate whether now is the right time to buy. The lack of understanding surrounding recession and inflation fears gives lenders the perfect opportunity to act as advisors and gain homebuyer trust.

In this first podcast episode, Qualia’s Director of High Growth Accounts, Jamie Kump, speaks to Julian Hebron, founder of The Basis Point—a sales and strategy consultancy to banks, lenders, and fintechs—about the top two inflation and recession concepts lenders must teach homebuyers to earn their trust and win business. Listen to gain actionable insights that will help lenders build trust during the pre-approval process and deepen that trust through an optimal transaction experience.

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