Closing expectations continue to evolve how homebuyers and sellers want to experience closings. Today’s client-centric approach meets them when and where they want, whether in their homes, offices, or online. 

Our 2022 Qualia Homebuyer Sentiment Index found that around 40% of recent homebuyers said that the amount of paperwork and understanding closing documents were two of the most challenging aspects of the closing process. Providing eSigning options helps reduce the mountain of paperwork homebuyers often experience at the closing table and provides a better experience for homebuyers. As consumer expectations change and become increasingly digitized, Qualia continues to evolve our products to help you offer a wide array of closing options and excellent client experience.

We are excited to share 2 updates to Qualia Connect and Qualia RON to help you exceed client expectations and offer a differentiated closing experience. 

Introducing Fillable Forms in Qualia Connect and Qualia RON

eSigning with Qualia Connect just got even better with our newest feature, fillable forms. Now you can make any document fillable with eSigning in Qualia Connect, such as PDFs and reusable templates with custom documents. 

Fillable forms within Qualia eSign provides a secure, fast, and easy-to-use way for clients to fill out documents electronically. This new feature allows title agents to scale processes for sending documents, cut down on time spent re-keying information, and maintain an accurate audit trail for every transaction. To make documents fillable, simply tag any document with interactive fillable forms, send to clients, have them fill out the form, and send it back—all without ever having to leave Connect or log into a separate system.

Decrease technology costs

Investing in multiple single-purpose digital signing tools inevitably results in higher costs. fillable forms in Qualia Connect reduces the number of tools your team needs to complete orders. Users can complete all document-related tasks in Qualia thanks to expanded functionality with eSign. This allows clients to fill out, electronically sign, send, and store documents in one secure portal—no need for other software or extra costs of printing documents.

Save time on manual tasks

Manually marking up documents before sending them off to clients can be a time-consuming and repetitive process. In Qualia, users can reuse custom document templates to make sending documents to clients a breeze. Reducing manual tasks through custom documents can also improve your team’s efficiency and accuracy since completed documents are automatically uploaded into the appropriate file in Qualia, eliminating the need to rekey data from documents. 

Improve document turnaround times

Fast turnaround times, especially during high volume, are essential to satisfying partner and client demands. More traditional ways of printing, faxing, and completing documents are often tedious and inefficient. Using technology to streamline information gathering and document management makes it simple for clients to fill out, sign, and send back documents. With fillable forms, clients receive a notification to fill out a document, which directs them to enter any relevant information into the document without leaving Qualia Connect. Once completed, the document is sent back to you in minutes instead of hours or days and stored with the correct file.

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Qualia RON Now Available in 9 States Through Qualia Connect

We are also excited to announce that Qualia RON is now available in 6 additional states to streamline information gathering and document management. Qualia RON is now available in Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Ohio. Expanding RON availability allows title companies to increase closing options to provide a better closing experience for clients and partners. 

Offer clients fully online and hybrid closing choices

Clients are increasingly demanding greater flexibility when it comes to closings. With remote work and technology trends, the traditional 9 to 5 window for closings is no longer the status quo in the age of connectivity. According to a recent study by ALTA, there has been a 228% increase in title companies offering digital closing services since 2019, when that number stood at 14%. Additional closing options allow clients to choose the closing experience that works best for them. Qualia RON gives your clients and notaries flexibility for when and how they close with fully online and hybrid closing choices via desktop or mobile.

Control the closing from start to finish

Qualia RON gives your team complete control of digital closings. RON is seamlessly integrated into Qualia to make it simple for your team to save time while offering your clients convenient, stress-free remote closings. With Qualia RON, your company’s in-house notaries never have to leave Qualia. All documents and RON recordings are securely stored in the correct order, keeping everything organized and centralized. By executing documents digitally in Qualia, your team doesn’t have to wait for signed documents to be returned by mail or by hand, so documents are immediately ready for the next steps. 

Save time and eliminate unnecessary costs

Reduce time spent preparing and signing documents from hours to minutes and decrease unnecessary costs for paper, extra remote signing tools, and outsourcing notaries. Qualia RON allows businesses to simplify the notary process by consolidating technology tools and saving time on document management. Qualia’s unique document templating system allows users to customize, save, and reuse templated documents—cutting down on time spent tagging documents. 

Kristin Horne, Chief Operations Officer of Flagship Title, states, “it really saves our team a lot of time by staying on the Qualia platform. With Qualia, you can upload documents, schedule the closing and be ready to go in 5 minutes, as opposed to the 30 minutes it would take if you were using another RON product.”

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