Illustration of survey data trends showing increase in remote online notarization and remote work after COVID-19 among real estate professionals

[Survey] Interest in RON Increases as Remote Work Persists

Qualia conducted a longitudinal study from March to June 2020. Learn how real estate professionals are responding to COVID-19.

Illustration of an electronic signature for a remote online notarization eClosing

Preparing Homebuyers for a Remote Real Estate Closing

Homebuyers expect a positive signing experience regardless of whether its done online or in-person. Learn 3 ways to prepare signers before a remote closing.

Illustration of a real estate closing taking place remotely online.

Technology Requirements for RON eClosings

Delivering reassurance that your systems are secureis paramount for a RON transaction. This confidence starts with investment in the right technology.

Illustration of a notary certified document with a certified remote notary in the corner on a computer screen talking to a homebuyer to complete the notarization

How to Become a Remote Online Notary in Your State

For those considering remote notary certification, now is the time to start necessary training in order to meet current and future demand.

Illustration of remote online notarization eClosing documents being prepared e-signed and stored digitally

RON eClosing Documents & Storage: eNotes, eVaults and the eRegistry

Remote online notarization (RON) eClosings require a unique set of documents. Learn how title & lender documents collected, stored, and transferred.

Map of the United States to depict the 27 states where RON legislation is currently passed. Plus the 20 additional states where temporary remote notarization orders are passed due to COVID-19.

COVID Update: Which States Have Passed RON or Temporary Orders for Remote Notarizations?

Learn which states have passed remote online notarization (RON) legislation and which states have passed temporary remote notarization orders during COVID.

Practical Advice for Working with Lenders on a RON Transaction

Learn how title & escrow agents can better partner with mortgage lenders to perform remote online notarization (RON) eClosings.

Illustration of a remotely notarized real estate closing document

What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

RON enables real estate closings to happen completely electronically with a remote notary. Learn how RON differs from other real estate eClosing options.

Remote online notarization being signed online so a homebuyer can close on a new home with a notary witnessing over camera

Accelerating Toward RON: 2 Years of Innovation in a Month’s Time

The obstacles to fully-remote closings are quickly breaking down as lenders, underwriters and title & escrow businesses accelerate their RON timelines.

Illustration of computer showing different media trends and charts

Your Resource Guide for RON eClosings in 2020

Find up-to-date resources, legislation, and guidelines for remote online notarization (RON) from trusted institutions including ALTA, GSEs, and MISMO.

Illustration of a man watching a webinar with NATIC and Qualia on RON adoption and COVID-19

[Qualia LIVE Recap]: NATIC Offers Guidance to Keep Real Estate Moving Forward

Qualia joined NATIC on a webinar to discuss how NATIC title & escrow agents are responding to COVID-19 as well as NATIC’s guidelines for RON transactions.