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Nearly 10 Years Later, the First State to Enact RON Legislation is Accelerating RON Adoption

Virginia was the first state to enact RON legislation. However, adoption didn’t accelerate until necessity struck during the pandemic.

A document that has been digitally signed and notarized using remote online notarization (RON) technology

Conestoga’s Underwriting Counsel Weighs in on RON Adoption and RON Platforms

Rick Hecker, underwriting counsel at Conestoga, discusses how title & escrow businesses should evaluate RON technology providers to find the best one.

A title agent and homebuyer convene online to notarize real estate documents with an online notary

As Online Lenders Gain Marketshare, RON Could be a Valuable Marketing Tool

Richard Bramhall of Westcor met with Qualia to discuss why RON will be a differentiator for title companies to market themselves in a digital world.

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Here’s Why Your Digital Closing Strategy Should Include RON and Hybrid eClosings

At the ATLA and MBA eClosing Bootcamp, title and mortgage lending professionals discussed the value of hybrid eClosings when RON is not available.

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How Refinances, Forbearances, and RON are Changing the Digital Mortgage Paradigm

It’s been a historic summer. Will COVID-19 ultimately be the igniting force that pushes the mortgage industry into a new digital paradigm?

Qualia FORES logo with the Qualia Logo and the text "Qualia Product Roadmap" FORES Summer Session Highlights

FORES Summer Session Highlights

Read highlights from the FORES summer session including the Qualia RON announcement and a fireside chat with Blend and Homie.

Illustration of a title or escrow agent using Qualia RON to complete a remote online notarization transaction from a desktop computer.

Introducing Qualia RON

Qualia CEO, Nate Baker, discusses how the events in the first half of 2020 paved the way for Qualia’s latest product innovation: Qualia RON.

Illustration of survey data trends showing increase in remote online notarization and remote work after COVID-19 among real estate professionals

[Survey] Interest in RON Increases as Remote Work Persists

Qualia conducted a longitudinal study from March to June 2020. Learn how real estate professionals are responding to COVID-19.

Illustration of an electronic signature for a remote online notarization eClosing

Preparing Homebuyers for a Remote Real Estate Closing

Homebuyers expect a positive signing experience regardless of whether its done online or in-person. Learn 3 ways to prepare signers before a remote closing.

Illustration of a real estate closing taking place remotely online.

Technology Requirements for RON eClosings

Delivering reassurance that your systems are secureis paramount for a RON transaction. This confidence starts with investment in the right technology.

Illustration of a notary certified document with a certified remote notary in the corner on a computer screen talking to a homebuyer to complete the notarization

How to Become a Remote Online Notary in Your State

For those considering remote notary certification, now is the time to start necessary training in order to meet current and future demand.

Illustration of remote online notarization eClosing documents being prepared e-signed and stored digitally

RON eClosing Documents & Storage: eNotes, eVaults and the eRegistry

Remote online notarization (RON) eClosings require a unique set of documents. Learn how title & lender documents collected, stored, and transferred.

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