During the pandemic, events across the country, including ALTA ONE, pivoted to virtual experiences. If things had gone according to their original plan, ALTA’s flagship event would have taken place in New York City. Instead, ALTA brought New York City to attendees’ living rooms by closing out the event with a Q&A session featuring Saturday Night Live alumnus, John Mulaney, and Qualia CTO, Joel Gottsegen.

Replicating in-person experiences like conferences and events is difficult to do; however, with an expansive mindset, there are creative ways the industry can reinvent events (and excite incoming professionals) by maximizing digital opportunities. 

Joel Gottsegen, CTO of Qualia, joined comedian, John Mulaney, in a live virtual Q&A during ALTA Unplugged.

Bringing new energy to the title & escrow industry 

Gottsegen’s interview with Mulaney is representative of where the industry is heading. There’s a reinvigorated effort to bring the general consumer into the fold for a better understanding of what title & escrow professionals do. This not only amplifies the value of title & escrow professionals in the real estate ecosystem but also brings a greater awareness of the career possibilities the industry provides.  

Gottsegen asked Mulaney what he knew about the title & closing process. Mulaney admitted that he didn’t know much, but he did know that the process was important. “Closing is a word I misuse often in that I’ve bought two homes in my life and both times when the offer was accepted I thought we had closed,” Mulaney joked. 

In addition to bringing outsiders in, there is also renewed energy around technology. During the pandemic and social distancing, digital touchpoints are no longer a nice-to-have, they are a necessity. As a result, the industry has advanced its technology more rapidly than ever before. The accelerated adoption of digital tools has also quickened the title & escrow industry’s proficiency with technology. As professionals dig into the technology at their disposal, they are also discovering new ways to leverage those tools. 

For example, with video conferencing solutions, real estate professionals can broaden their relationships. They are no longer limited geographically. With the right value proposition, they can connect with potential partners or clients in any city. In the context of events, a speaker is no longer limited by their ability to be physically present—they can join the event from their living room.

The focus on digital adoption is also enticing for incoming title & escrow professionals. The right technology can usher in new talent who expect modern tools.

Reimagining what’s possible 

While ALTA ONE concluded with a noteworthy speaker, the rest of the event was equally fresh and unexpected. The event featured Shark Tank star, “Mr. Wonderful,” and celebrity chef, Jose Andres. These speakers were all possible because ALTA took advantage of the virtual format. 

As Qualia CEO, Nate Baker, mentioned in another ALTA ONE session earlier in the day, “things are going to start changing faster than they have been. Technology coming out is a tool to sell better, win, and serve clients better. Those who succeed [in the year ahead] will use these tools.”