Kelsey Galles

Kelsey is a Content Marketing Manager at Qualia

Illustrated yellow clock showing best time to switch to new software

When is the Best Time to Switch Title & Escrow Software?

The best time to switch to new title & escrow software is now. Learn why you should start planning for a switch right after peak home buying season.

Headshot of Ben Rubenstein speaker for Qualia's Future of Real Estate (FORE) Summit in Austin Texas

FORE Summit Speaker Spotlight: Ben Rubenstein of

FORE Summit speaker, Ben Rubenstein, founder and CEO of Opcity, discusses where he believes the real estate industry is heading in 2020.

Illustration of home with money being poured into the roof to represent unconventional financing of homes today

Financing Trends offer a Glimpse into the Future of Home Ownership

Recent reports show unconventional financing is on the rise. Explore how this trend paints a bigger picture around the future of home ownership.

Illustration of a millennial man thinking about the housing market and his ability to own a home or rent

Millennials in Priced-Out Markets Are Still Buying Real Estate, Here’s How

Millennials in major cities are suffering in the current housing market. However, a new trend indicates millennials are finding new ways to own real estate.

Illustrated man tapping a screen during day three of ALTA ONE Conference

ALTA ONE Daily Digest: Day Three

Qualia is your go-to resource for ALTA ONE insights. Read our daily digest for the can’t-miss presentations from day three of ALTA ONE.

Illustrated woman tapping a screen on day two of ALTA ONE conference

ALTA ONE Daily Digest: Day Two

Qualia is your go-to resource for ALTA ONE insights. Here’s our recommended presentations and events you’ll want to attend on Thursday of ALTA ONE.

Green and yellow pie chart with text "Special Report: Title Technology"

Special Report: Title Industry Technology Outlook

This month, October Research released Title Technology: Special Report. Read on for insights from Qualia CEO Nate Baker and other industry experts.

Illustrated man looking at tablet during day one of ALTA ONE Conference

ALTA ONE Daily Digest: Day One

Our Daily ALTA ONE guides offer our take on the can’t-miss sessions each day of the conference. Here’s our recommended sessions for day one.

Illustrated computer screen with Qualia's logo and the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud Logo

Qualia is the First Digital Closing Technology to Join ALTA’s Coalition to Stop Wire Fraud

Qualia joined ALTA’s Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud. Qualia is the first digital real estate closing technology platform to join the coalition.

Illustration of a man frowning surrounded by too many technology options

Why Too Many Different Technology Tools Can Hurt, Not Help Your Business

Increasing efficiency is about adopting the right technology. Learn how to find technology partners that accelerate your business.

Illustration of lock for cyber security and an eye

Is Homebuyer Education Enough to End the Wire Fraud Epidemic?

Qualia recently joined ALTA’s Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud. Learn why businesses must consider more than education to protect consumers.

Illustration of a laptop showing workflow automation features

Untangling AI and Automation for Real Estate Closings

Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of automation and AI for improved productivity, flexibility, and cost reductions. Read on for more.