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Kelsey is a Content Marketing Manager at Qualia

What to Do When Your County Recording Office is Closed

It’s been just over 2 weeks since the federal government declared COVID-19 a national emergency. Since then the title industry

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[Webinar Recap]: Industry Experts Weigh in on Remote Work and Digital Closings During COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 and its impact on title businesses, Qualia pulled together industry leaders to discuss how their teams have adapted to remote work.

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As Legislation for RON Accelerates is Your Business Prepared for Fully-Digital eClosings?

Over the last year, conversations around RON have grown. Now, the conversation is taking on new meaning and intensity in light of COVID-19.

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Stay on Top of COVID-19 Changes with These Valuable Industry Resources

Find a curated list of verified resources that are available for title & escrow businesses to stay on top of COVID-19 changes.

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Considerations for Notaries and Signing Agents During COVID-19

Social distancing efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak, have caused many businesses and signing agencies to take a closer look at in-person signings.

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How to Evaluate Efficiency-Driving Solutions During High-Volume

During periods of high-volume, lenders consider outsourcing or automating tasks in order to gain efficiency. Here’s how to determine which solution is best.

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New to Remote Work? Here’s How to Set up Yourself and your Team

Adjusting from in-office to remote work is challenging. Qualia’s Director of People offers best practices for teams to smoothly transition to remote work.

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Technology and Tools for Remote Work Success

Businesses across the country are transitioning to remote work under COVID-19 orders. Here’s how to set your team up for success with the right technology

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A Proactive Approach to Disaster Recovery and Public Health Threats: Create a Business Continuity Plan

With the current public health threat, it’s important to implement business continuity plans that enable remote work & core business functions to continue.

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Qualia’s CTO Discusses How Qualia is Transforming the Mortgage Lender and Title Relationship

We sat down with Qualia’s CTO, Joel Gottsegen to dive deeper into why Qualia created its first lender-focused product, Qualia Post.

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Security Measures You Can Deploy Immediately

Real estate wire fraud incidents have steadily climbed. There are a number of tactics businesses can quickly deploy to safeguard their organization.

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Alert: Phishing Attempts Across the Title Industry

Last week, multiple phishing attack attempts hit the title industry. Learn how your business can respond to such events and improve security measures to counter-act harmful actors.