Tomorrow kicks off the first day of ALTA ONE sessions. With more than 15 informative engagement labs and panels spanning topics ranging from millennial homebuyer expectations to wire fraud security readiness, it may feel daunting to navigate Wednesday’s schedule.

We’ve made it easy. Our daily ALTA ONE guides provide our take on the can’t-miss sessions each day of the conference. Here’s our recommended presentations you’ll want to attend on Wednesday, plus details on Qualia’s special events taking place during and after the regular conference hours.

Texas Title Agents are Rocking with RON | Congressional B, 10:30 – 11:30 am 

  • Why you should attend: Remote online notarization (RON) dominated the news and industry conversations in 2019.  Currently 22 states have passed remote online notarization laws; however only Texas and 8 other states have fully implemented their RON procedures (meaning RON is in effect and practiced). This session will deliver first-hand perspectives from Texas title businesses who are pioneering fully-digital closings. These expert speakers will discuss the value of RON for their operations and advice for implementing RON in your own business. 

Maintain Culture as Your Company Changes | Marigold, 1:00 -1:30 pm

  • Why you should attend: The industry is changing quickly. A talent pool of millennials are invigorating the industry with fresh perspectives, and new title technology is advancing rapidly. To ride the wave of change, businesses need to embrace what makes them unique and foster an atmosphere of collaboration and communication. In this session, expert speakers will discuss first-hand experiences and strategies for navigating change. 
  • Come prepared with: Questions about talent retainment and change management. While these topics sound “fluffy” on the surface, businesses that confidently navigate change and focus on their employees’ needs  will come out ahead. 

Commercial Business: Getting Your Feet Wet Without Sinking the Boat | Lantana, 1:00 – 1:30 pm 

  • Why you should attend: Commercial real estate (CRE) offers promising opportunity in the next year. Notably, MBA forecasts that multifamily mortgage originations will reach a record high at $700 billion in 2020. This session will give attendees the confidence to explore the world of CRE and capitalize on new business avenues. 
  • Come prepared with: A baseline understanding of the CRE conditions in your own region. CRE opportunities range from multifamily to  retail to office spaces, and the developmental potential in your city will depend on economic conditions, migration trends, and other macro-level factors.

Wire Fraud Readiness | Manchester G, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

  • Why you should attend: FBI data shows that real estate wire fraud incidents increased 166% last year, resulting in more than $150 million in losses. This session will deliver best practices and tangible tips to build a preparedness plan for wire fraud incidents. You’ll walk away with a plan to implement daily security practices in your operations. 
  • Come prepared with: An audit of your own daily security practices. We recommend you download our daily security checklist before the session which provides tips for protecting you and your clients from fraud. 

Hand-Printed T-Shirts  | Booth #51, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Why you should attend: Receive a custom-printed t-shirt. A local Austin print shop will be at Qualia’s booth to “live print” ALTA ONE t-shirts. Visitors can choose between two different designs for a t-shirt printed on-the-spot in their desired size.  
  • Come prepared with: Questions for Team Qualia. We’ll be on hand to answer all of your questions about how Qualia is paving the future of real estate. 

Qualia Happy Hour | Rules & Regs, 5:00 – 9:00 pm 

  • Why you should attend: Qualia’s happy hour is a great space to connect with the Qualia team and continue conversations from day one of the conference. We’ll offer cocktails, light appetizers, and a chance to win a pair of Apple Airpods.
  • Come prepared with: Your wristband. Make sure you stop by Qualia’s booth (#51) during regular conference hours on Wednesday to receive your happy hour wristband.