ALTA ONE is just over two weeks away, and this year’s agenda delivers a lineup of buzzworthy topics. Many industry leaders will come together to  review the trends impacting title from the growing prevalence of wire fraud to shifting consumer expectations. 

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest opportunities and challenges being addressed at ALTA ONE and sessions you won’t want to miss.

Culture & Hiring

As the real estate industry moves toward a digital future, hiring the next wave of title & escrow professionals is top-of-mind for businesses large and small across the country. ALTA ONE speakers will cover how the industry can maintain its identity rooted in problem solving, ambition, and passion while also ushering in digital natives who will help transition real estate closings into the future. 

Key sessions:

  1. Maintain Culture as your Company Changes | Wednesday, October 23
  2. Building your Bench: Eight Talents to Look for in Your Next Recruit | Thursday, October 24
  3. 8 Legit Ways to Market Your Culture to Humans Under 40  | Thursday, October 24
  4. Recruiting Title Employees from Unexpected Places | Friday, October 25

Customer Experience

Real estate technology juggernauts like Zillow and Trulia are transforming the real estate transaction further upstream during the home search process, resulting in transformed consumer expectations for ease, transparency, and security throughout the entirety of the real estate transaction. ALTA ONE speakers will cover technology and trends impacting homebuyer experience at closing.

Key sessions:

  1. Texas Title Agents are Rocking with RON | Wednesday, October 23
  2. Redefine Your Customer Experience  | Thursday, October 24
  3. The Unexpected Benefits of Digital Closings | Thursday, October 24
  4. Geneveryone | Friday, October 25 


Real estate wire fraud and business email compromise (BEC) scams continue to rise year-over-year. According to data from the FBI, real estate wire fraud incidents increased 166% between 2017 and 2018. This year’s ALTA ONE schedule includes several sessions devoted to security readiness and consumer expectations for privacy and safety. 

Key sessions: 

  1. Wire Fraud Readiness | Wednesday, October 23
  2. Preparing for Cyber Attacks  | Thursday, October 24
  3. Fraud: Everything Old is New Again  | Friday, October 25
  4. Data Privacy Horizon | Friday, October 25 

The Commercial Opportunity

Last month, the MBA forecasted that commercial and multifamily originations will reach a record $700 billion in 2020.  As the commercial opportunity continues to expand, title & escrow businesses can take advantage by understanding the landscape and marketing themselves well to the commercial real estate audience. 

Key sessions:

  1. Commercial Business: Getting Your Feet Wet Without Sinking the Boat | Wednesday, October 23
  2. Marketing to Your Commercial Customers | Thursday October 24
  3. Keys to Success in a Commercial Transaction | Friday, October 25 

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