Qualia 2021 Homebuyer Sentiment Index

Explore consumer survey data to learn what homebuyers expect during the home search, financing, and closing process.

Leveraging Qualia Connect eGuide

Meet Evolving Client & Consumer Expectations with Qualia Connect

Learn how Qualia Connect empowers title agents in any state to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Cover image of Flexible Technology Infrastructure eGuide

Powering Efficiency & Scalability Through A Flexible Technology Infrastructure

Learn how a flexible technology infrastructure powers efficiency and scalability, while continuing to exceed client expectations.

Competing in the Age of FinTech

To compete in today’s market, lenders must consider the full loan lifecycle, including touchpoints with title & escrow companies.

2021 Innovator’s Guide to Real Estate

Learn how PropTech companies are using capital to create new end-to-end home purchase experiences for their consumers by attaching title & escrow.

Cover page of eGuide on the Essential Guide to RON for Title & Escrow Companies

The Title & Escrow Essential Guide to RON

Download this eGuide to learn what you need to know about remote online notarization for title and escrow companies.

[Report] The Qualia Homebuyer Sentiment Index

This special report gathers survey results from over 1,000 homebuyers to offer the latest insights on homebuyer preferences from search to close.

eGuide cover: Lenders Need Post Closing Automation More Than Ever. eGuide written by Qualia

eGuide: Mortgage Lenders Need Post-Closing Automation More Than Ever

Learn how mortgage lenders can leverage automation to streamline workflows, save time, reduce costs, and improve investor reporting for better post-closing processes.

Qualia eGuide cover: All Eyes on RON Accelerating Industry-Wide Adoption and How Key Players Can Get Started Now

eGuide: All Eyes on RON How Key Players Can Get Started Now

Learn how lenders, title & escrow businesses, underwriters, and county recording offices can take the first steps to complete a RON transaction.

title and escrow software evaluation guide

Title & Escrow Software Evaluation Guide

Experts deliver advice on how to evaluate and compare title & escrow software providers to make the right selection for your organization.

Illustration of title professionals doing title & escrow work

How to Create an Effective Training Program

During times of uncertainty, training teams and building leaders is crucial. In this guide, we provide guidance for creating a workplace training program.

How to Evaluate eClosing Options

eClosings are gaining adoption across the US. Learn what digital closing options may be available for your business and how to get started with eClosings.

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