Recognizing ROI Webinar

Recognizing ROI: Improve Margins with a Connected Transaction

Experts discuss how all parties should be thinking differently about how they work together for a more connected transaction.

ALTA Best Practices Updates: An Overview and Actionable Steps to Protect Your Business

Practical steps you can take to adopt policies and procedures that will meet the ALTA Best Practices standards.

Workflow Design: Supporting Complexity in a Manageable Way

Learn how to design, build, and optimize efficient and durable workflows from Qualia’s Director of Title Strategy, Alex Brown.

Best Practices to Keep Audits Stress Free

Discover best practices from industry experts to keep audits streamlined and stress free.

How to Speed Up Reconciliations and Save Thousands with a Strong Bank Partnership

Title industry experts share key criteria to look for when evaluating a potential banking partner.

Executive Perspectives in Title & Escrow Series

Navigating market cycles and positioning your business for successful outcomes.

Strategies for Streamlining Business Operations with Outside Partners

Lending leaders discuss strategies and technology solutions to enable tighter coordination for greater efficiency.

Drew Uher and Paul Hurst Smiling

Cross-Industry Perspectives | Innovation in 2021

Experts in the real estate space—both disruptors and traditional institutions—discuss their approaches to innovation in 2021.

M&A Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of acquiring a company from an experienced expert who has successfully paved the way for real estate M&A acquisitions.

Bill Burding and Chris Heller smile with green background

Building Business Networks at a Local Level

Leaders from across the real estate ecosystem discuss how to build strong business partnerships for a more coordinated purchase experience.

Building Local Operational Expertise at Scale

Learn how PropTech companies with a national footprint have successfully leveraged technology to build local operational expertise.

The Workplace of the Future

Learn how COVID-19 has reshaped employee expectations and how businesses have transformed their recruiting and retention strategies.

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