When it comes to switching software, timing is everything. The real estate industry’s predictable ebbs and flows make planning during the slow season leading up to peak homebuying season seem like the natural time to plan a switch. However, this school of thought may be flawed. 

Contrary to popular belief, the best time to plan for a software switch may be just after peak homebuying season, toward the end of the year. Here’s why. 

Insights about the challenges of the current software will be fresh

During peak homebuying season, the flaws of your current software will become glaringly obvious. Your staff will likely vocalize different ways in which your current technology inhibits their work or slows them down. Capturing these insights immediately after an active time ensures a more accurate and reliable evaluation of your software needs. 

Securing internal buy-in will be easier

Software is foundational to your operational drumbeat and any kinks in the system will be felt during a stressful time. Directly after a busy time, your staff will be keenly aware of how a new system could benefit them and will be more likely to readily accept and even rally behind a change. Ultimately, internal buy-in will determine the success of any software migration, so capturing positive sentiment around a software switch is critically important. 

You’ll have ample time to evaluate software options

A proper software evaluation and internal buy-in for an effective transition takes time. You’ll need to identify internal stakeholders, define your business requirements, talk to your partners, determine software feature requirements, compare different providers, attend demos, review proposals, and check references. (Click HERE for our eGuide “How to Evaluate Enterprise Software Options” which offers a free workbook designed to help you choose the best software provider for your business.) 

Taking the time to conduct a thorough software evaluation based on your organization’s business goals and unique needs will ensure a more effective transition and positive return on investment. 

Your team will be effectively trained on the new software before the next peak season

Ideally, your new software provider will provide online, self-paced, and effective training materials that facilitate quick onboarding and ramp-up time. Even if your team is ready to operate on a new system quickly, they will feel more confident on a new system with a few months of transactions under their belt. 

Giving your team a few months to get comfortable with a new software system before peak homebuying season hits will give them the ability to masterfully navigate time-sensitive transactions and deliver an exceptional customer experience during a busy season. 

Begin your software evaluation now

Launch your 2020 planning with a critical look at your current software. Is your existing software capable of growing with your business and adapting to inevitable marketplace changes in the next year? If not, you’ll want to begin a formal software evaluation now so you can hit the ground running in 2020 with technology that enables your team to deliver innovative, best-in-class service. 

To start your software evaluation today, download our software evaluation eGuide. The guide includes worksheets and actionable advice from industry experts, designed to help you make the best software decision for your business. 

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