Resware 10 is one of the biggest releases of the product since Resware first launched and the largest since Qualia acquired Adeptive Software, the developer of Resware, in December 2020. The launch of Resware 10 represents our long-term commitment to the Resware product as an integral component of the Qualia ecosystem of title and escrow products. 

Resware 10 includes enhancements that streamline and simplify the Resware upgrade process along with many new major features. 

Impactful new enhancements and features 

Resware 10 contains hundreds of enhancements, new features, and fixes designed for a faster, easier, and higher quality user experience for both end users and Resware administrators. Many product improvements originated from the most common customer requests and include: 

  • Increased productivity with 21% faster workflow performance
  • The new interactive Action Visualizer tool, which allows users to visualize and graphically configure complex workflows, triggers, effects, and actions
  • Progress indicators that provide visual feedback to users about long-running operations 
  • Notes, documents, and postings have received performance and efficiency upgrades and an improved UI
  • A variety of integrations have been added to Resware 10, including Qualia Assure, Qualia Marketplace, and DocuSign 

A streamlined and simplified approach to upgrades

Beyond the new enhancements and features, as part of this release, Qualia’s Resware engineering team modified how they build and test the product prior to rolling out new versions. Resware 10 brings an entirely new approach to how the product has been released historically, setting the stage for streamlined and simplified future releases.

A modernized upgrade process makes upgrades simple and easily repeatable. This approach includes a new automated installer, which shortens the install time, allows easier rollback if needed, and ensures a consistent install process going forward. 

This version release also enhances Resware’s product testing and quality assurance. To ensure high-quality performance, all previous fixes and bugs were manually tested and verified. Resware 10 is the most tested version released in the history of the product.

Qualia’s long-term investment in Resware

This release sets up the Resware product to provide users with an even more valuable experience for years to come. As an enterprise-class software used by some of the largest and most complex title operations, Resware is a powerful tool for companies with the vision, resources, and preference to continue to build custom solutions to meet their business needs.

Between Resware 10 and the release of Qualia Atlas in March, the comprehensive Qualia platform is suited to meet the varying needs of any enterprise title company regardless of how they prefer to operate.

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