We’re excited to announce the release of Notary by Qualia, the first fully integrated notary experience for the title, escrow, and closing software industry. Notary by Qualia is now available through the Marketplace for closings across the country.

Our goal remains consistent: empower title and escrow agents to provide the remarkable closing experience that their clients are asking for. Notary by Qualia helps meet that goal.

It is the industry’s first native notary product built directly into a title, escrow, and closing software. Since it doesn’t rely on any cumbersome third-party integrations, Notary by Qualia is able to uniquely streamline processes from ordering and scheduling to fulfillment and payment. 

With Notary by Qualia, title and escrow agents can:

  • Easily find a notary at any time from Qualia’s nationwide network of local notaries who work how and when needed,
  • Focus on clients rather than paperwork, as ordering is streamlined and completed signings are uploaded directly back into their files,
  • Use the automated scheduling feature to keep track of signing times and better manage their schedules, and
  • Rely on Qualia’s automated billing built directly into their already existing workflows to automate billing and payments.

Since communication flows through Qualia’s SOC-2 and ISO 27001 certified software platform, everything is handled securely so users no longer need to bounce around a variety of insecure email, phone, or fax systems to serve their clients.

Notary by Qualia also gives vendors the tools they need to be successful, including a built-in Google Maps integration to provide street views and directions to the closing location, document tracking tools, and more.

notary by qualia google maps integration

The native Google Maps integration for vendors, showing signing location and street view.

Notarizing documents for dozens or even hundreds of active closings has become an increasingly difficult task for title companies who were forced to use a variety of unrelated software options to get a single closing completed. Now title companies can rely on Notary by Qualia and work within one reliable solution,” said Qualia CEO Nate Baker.

By providing Notary by Qualia, we’re giving title companies another technology solution to streamline the home buying and selling experience.

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