We’re proud to announce the launch of the Qualia/Encompass two-way integration (“2WI”). The 2WI helps title companies scale their businesses by enabling them to automate their business development efforts and their title services with the U.S. lenders already originating their mortgages through Ellie Mae’s Encompass® digital mortgage solution.

“With this integration, Qualia furthers its mission to drive the real estate industry forward,” said Qualia CEO Nate Baker. “We are delivering on the promise to positively disrupt the archaic lender and title company interaction with a high demand technology solution. This marriage of people and technology delivers the ideal customer experience.”

For the first time ever, title companies can immediately receive and open orders from lenders without hours of manual data reentry.

Starting today, Qualia members can:

  • Effortlessly earn new business through their company profile listed in the Encompass LOS, which processes over 35% of residential mortgages in the country.
  • Automate their lenders’ title ordering experiences to deliver an exceptional client experience.
  • Communicate securely with their lenders through Qualia’s SOC-2 and ISO 27001 certified platform.

Joel Gottsegen, Qualia’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, will share more on the Encompass integration and many more Qualia Connect features during our webinar on Wednesday, November 7th