We were excited to announce today live on stage at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual MBA Technology Solutions Conference that we’ve added Fee Collaboration to enhance our popular Qualia/Encompass® two-way integration. Fee Collaboration is an addition to the integration built on the Qualia platform that allows the thousands of lenders and title companies that rely on Qualia everyday to automatically, instantly, and accurately match fees across their files without having to rekey any of that data ever again.

Joel Gottsegen presents Qualia's new Fee Collaboration capabilities at MBA Tech 2019.

Joel Gottsegen announcing the new Fee Collaboration capabilities live on stage at MBA Tech 2019 in Dallas, TX.

This FinTech advancement in how lenders and title companies can operate benefits the entire real estate industry and consumers alike. It empowers mortgage lenders to provide more accurate fee information to consumers and helps ensure title & escrow companies can consistently disburse matched fees in a timely manner. It also removes a substantial barrier to creating fully digital closings powered by service professionals using Qualia.

Since launching Qualia several years ago, we’ve heard from countless lenders and settlement companies how frustrating of an experience matching fees can be and how much it slows down their work. Fee Collaboration takes advantage of Qualia’s flexible, modern, and secure technology and we’re very excited to be launching this industry first.

With Fee Collaboration, title & escrow companies can:

  • Automatically and instantly balance and match all fees accurately,
  • See the lender’s Closing Disclosure and what information is actually in Encompass,
  • Identify discrepancies between the lenders’ Closing Disclosure and their own Closing Disclosure,
  • Import the lender’s Closing Disclosure with one click of a button without rekeying any data, and
  • Improve their overall communication and collaboration with their lenders.


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