“We are a technology-forward office and want to keep up with what is out there… we have been conducting real estate closings for over 12 years, and Qualia is by far the best software we have used.” -Marc Canner, Esq., Canner Law & Associates


Canner Law & Associates, P.C. (Canner Law) is a Needham, Mass.-based law firm specializing in real estate law. The firm’s practice areas include residential real estate law and conveyancing. In September 2016, Canner Law was named one of the top 19 real estate law firms in the Boston area by Expertise.com.


Canner Law maintains an excellent reputation for professionalism, frequent communication, and closing efficiency, but amid the busy summer months, the firm recognized that their settlement software was not empowering them to meet their high service level standards in a busy real estate market.

Canner Law had previously run several settlement software platforms – all of which posed frustrating challenges, including poor workflow management, lack of integrations, and slow customer support.


With the goal of growing closing volume while maintaining efficiency and professionalism, Canner Law decided to switch to Qualia. Marc Canner said that Qualia’s intuitive design immediately stood out from previous systems his firm had used. “We are a technology-forward office and want to keep up with what is out there,” he said. “We have been conducting real estate closings for over 12 years, and Qualia is by far the best software we have used.”

Since summer is their busiest season, Canner wanted to make sure that the software transition would not disrupt current operations and would be easy to learn. Qualia’s onboarding program made the transition smoother than the team had even expected. Kelly Bruce, the firm’s office manager, noted that “[t]here was a seamless transition” when the firm integrated with Qualia software.

An All-In-One Solution

Previously, one of the office’s biggest challenges was having to use multiple different systems and portals to complete each closing, which slowed all of their internal processes down. With the onset of the newly mandated TRID requirements, Canner Law knew that a disjointed approach would be unacceptable for meeting their goals.

Qualia allows Canner Law to complete their work in one cohesive place thanks to seamless vendor integrations. “To find a software that integrates with all of our vendors including banks, notaries, FedEx, Simplifile, and more greatly improves our delivery capabilities, which is key in a busy real estate market,” another firm attorney, Jonathan Goldman, said.

Additionally, with all work product stored in Qualia, Canner Law is now able to use the built-in intelligent tasking system to automatically provide each user with daily tasks, deadlines, and reminders to ensure all closings are completed on time without the end of month scramble.

Increased Productivity

With new regulations and processes requiring additional time to follow, the Canner Law Team was eager to identify shortcuts on traditionally time-consuming tasks. One of the team’s favorite automation tools is the PDF-to-text conversion button. The tool extracts editable text from PDFs of standard closing documentation with complete accuracy in seconds, saving the team from ever having to manually type a document again.

Within months of using Qualia, Canner Law had already doubled its productivity. The staff attributes an average of 33 hours per month saved due to Qualia’s seamless integrations, intuitive workflow management, and cutting edge automation tools.

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