Earvin “Magic” Johnson is set to deliver this year’s Future of Real Estate Summit (FORES21) keynote alongside Qualia VP of Marketing, Matt Kaufman. Johnson’s decades-long vocation as an entrepreneur has given him unique insight into the role of real estate in transforming local communities. 

Johnson will offer perspectives on real estate as a catalyst for community redevelopment

While Johnson is most recognized for his time on the basketball court, his achievements as an entrepreneur are equally impressive. His early business successes—Magic Johnson Theatres and a 125-store franchise partnership with Starbucks—both served as catalysts for redevelopment in urban communities. Today, these ventures are heralded as the corporate model for engagement with urban communities. Johnson also currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises which provides high-quality products and services that focus primarily on ethnically diverse and underserved urban communities. 

In addition to corporate ventures and community development, Johnson is also highly-engaged in the underlying infrastructural and mobility issues impacting communities. In 2015, Magic Johnson Enterprises and Loop Capital partnered to create MJE-Loop Capital Partners, a firm that raises funds to improve infrastructure in the United States. 

Real estate is local 

The theme of this year’s summit is “Real Estate is Local.” Johnson’s perspectives on community development and engagement are especially relevant to this year’s focus and to the real estate industry as it looks forward beyond the pandemic. 

Real estate professionals helped to support upward mobility in communities across the country throughout the pandemic and were deeply entrenched in the economic and social challenges brought about by COVID-19 and local shutdowns. Johnson’s talk will highlight the value that the real estate industry can bring to communities now and in the future.

To hear more from Johnson, join us for our 2nd annual Future of Real Estate Summit on Thursday, March 11, 2021. 

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