As M&A Activity Slows Down, Companies Must Think Differently

At Qualia’s Future of Real Estate Summit, M&A experts sat down to discuss M&A trends from the past two years as well as trends on the horizon. 

Cybersecurity Practices to De-Risk Your Technology Infrastructure

Chris Hendricks, Head of Incident Response at Coalition, details how to strengthen your tech infrastructure to minimize security weak spots.

How to Create and Implement an Automation Strategy

Leverage automations in Qualia Marketplace to ​​speed up closings and reduce turn times.

How to Scale Your Brand to Deliver Excellent Client Experiences in Any Market 

Learn how Web Raulston, CEO of Team Realty Solutions, leveraged Qualia Connect to grow and scale into 17 different brands across the country.

The Two-Way Street to Improve Lender-Title Operations

Lenders and title companies are looking closer at their operations to identify opportunities to execute more efficient closings.

Actionable Tips for Vendors Looking to Grow Their Business

Gain expert advice on how vendors can use Qualia Marketplace to find new clients and grow their business.

ALTA CEO Diane Tomb on the Title Industry’s Promising Future

ALTA CEO, Diane Tomb, sat down with Qualia’s VP of CS, Brian Thome at FORES22 to discuss the future of the title industry.

Recruitment tips

Tips for Recruiting Talent in Today’s Competitive Labor Market

Learn tips for strengthening talent recruitment strategies to attract top talent in a competitive labor market.

Trends & Takeaways from FORES22

Read about the latest trends in real estate in our recap of highlights from Qualia’s 2022 Future of Real Estate Summit (FORES22).

FORES22 Speaker Spotlight: Paul Gigliotti

Paul Gigliotti, CEO & Co-Founder of Axis Lending Academy, will be among the FORES22 panelists discussing the fundamentals of an effective L&D program.

FORES22 Speaker Spotlight: Alex Lofton

Alex Lofton, President & Co-Founder of Landed, will be among the FORES22 panelists discussing new approaches to expanding homeownership opportunities.

What to Expect From the 2022 Future of Real Estate Summit

Join us April 4-6, 2022 in Austin, Texas for FORES22.

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