Reduce Complexity With Better Reporting

As a title agent in today’s closing environment, you have a lot on your plate. Beyond dealing with changing regulations and maintaining day-to-day operations, you also have to find creative ways to distinguish yourself from the office down the street. We built Qualia’s custom reporting tool to remove all of this complexity and give you the information you need to grow your business – plain and simple.

Here are just a few questions that Qualia Reports can answer for you with the click of a button:

  • How much revenue did my office bring in over the past 30 days?
  • What sources send my office the most business? How has business volume from those sources changed month-over-month?
  • What are all outstanding tasks for open orders and who is responsible for each of them? Which of these tasks are past deadline?

Easy Custom Reporting

Have other questions in mind? The beauty of Qualia’s Custom Reports is that you can easily create reports in real-time to answer any question you have about your business. Pull information based on tasks, contacts, and any of the other 4,000 pieces of data involved in the settlement transaction – everything is already stored in your Qualia title & closing platform. Filters allow you to drill down to certain time ranges, order types, owners, sources, and more.

Never Worry About Duplicate Contacts Again

Qualia uses artificial intelligence in order to immediately detect and notify you when you enter in a contact that is similar to a pre-existing contact. This functionality, which is critical to accurate reporting, is 100% unique to Qualia’s title and closing software.

With any other settlement system if you list the realtor as Robert Smith on one order and as Bob Smith on a different order, then the system will register two separate contacts. When that occurs, the two possible outcomes are (1) you receive inaccurate business source reports or (2) you, or someone else in your office, has to manually merge duplicate contacts periodically, a time-consuming and error-prone activity.

Unlimited Reports To Help You Run Your Business

With Qualia Reports, you can finally get simple and fast business insights to help you get more business, improve service quality, and increase your margins. The best part is that Qualia Reports are completely free – you can create and access unlimited reports in real-time at no additional cost. View reports within Qualia or have them directly sent to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.

Chat with us today to learn what insights Qualia Reports can bring to your business.