In today’s hot real estate market, time is of the essence. Things are moving quickly and real estate professionals need to move swiftly to keep up and maintain positive, thriving business relationships. That’s where technology can play a part in providing that competitive edge. As title & escrow companies continue to experience high demand, they require solutions to be better business partners and win business.

Scaling real estate transactions

Due to low inventory, there is a continuous trend of multiple offers for every home sold. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, this has resulted in a 24% increase in the median home price compared to last year, and days on market are at 17 versus the historical average of 60 days. When a prospective homebuyer is in the desired property and ready to move on the deal, there is a major risk of losing momentum or the opportunity while they wait hours or days to review details. Homebuyers, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and title professionals all need to act quickly to make the deal

Consumer expectations have rapidly increased as a result of this always-on culture. Therefore, real estate professionals need tools to provide business partners and their clients with the information they need, when they need it, without being on call 24/7. Qualia Connect, the client communication portal integrated into Qualia’s users’ settlement software, brings together the entire closing team on a single, secure cloud-based platform. Consumers can stay up-to-date, tracking the progress of their closing using a mobile app.

Efficient quoting and ordering

The days of faxing a fee sheet are coming to an end. Qualia Connect empowers title & escrow professionals with the ability to provide instant, reliable, detailed, and accurate quotes to potential clients. In addition, Qualia Connect allows real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and attorneys to place orders and send title and escrow professionals more of their closing business at the click of a button.

As title companies look to grow, they require greater efficiencies to manage fluctuating volumes and continue to meet consumer and partner demands while providing an exceptional closing experience. This is why we are introducing Qualia’s new bulk ordering and auto acceptance features that increase a title company’s capacity to accept business and automatically engage with a client the moment they place an order. Further enabling orders to be received from existing as well as new sources of business in a streamlined way. 

  • Auto-accept order feature: Title companies can now provide an even better partner experience through quicker service of easily accepting orders. This feature is ideal for partners they know and have worked with. Plus, the order acceptance can be based on criteria, such as property state, property county, purpose, or if it’s already under contract. 
  • Bulk ordering just got easier: We’ve added this new feature to provide efficiency gains for real estate agent and mortgage lender partners when they have a large volume to send through to a title company. They can easily and efficiently upload a CSV file from their side of Qualia Connect all at once. 

Efficiency gains both internally and externally help title companies to be better business partners, satisfy existing clients and win new business. 

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