Real estate is inherently local. Because of that, it’s only natural that large title operations have multiple physical offices to be more physically present where they operate. However, that doesn’t mean their multiple teams need to be disconnected. There are many functions that title businesses can centralize to reduce duplicate effort and create overall efficiency. Today, Qualia released a new set of enhancements designed to enable centralized teams.

These new features allow title operators to set up their workflows around teams who can focus on specific parts of the transaction rather than a single processor owning a transaction from start to finish. The Centralized Teams enhancements, combined with existing workflow capabilities in Qualia, allow title companies with large and complex operations to optimize their processes around the demands of their unique business models.

A closer look at Centralized Teams enhancements 

When overseeing a team that’s working through multiple orders a week, managers need complete control and flexibility over the assignment of tasks as well as the highest level of information transparency. Qualia’s Centralized Team Queues, Task Associated Notes, and revamped Order Dashboard allow team leaders to manage with confidence. 


  • What it is: Our new ‘Team Queue’ assignment strategy routes tasks into different team queues so that individuals on a team can claim and assign themselves a task.
  • How it helps: Team members can now work together off one centralized queue as a unit rather than each team member owning a particular task to enable greater efficiency. This reduces downtime and ensures the most important tasks are worked on first. Team managers also have a global view of their team’s task workload so that they can ensure tasks are equally distributed, intervene if a task is escalated, and eliminate disruptions when team members are out of office.  


  • What it is: Task-associated notes lets users add notes to specific order tasks, which will allow users to capture all information relevant to the order within Qualia. Users can leave detailed notes for specific tasks—documenting what has happened on a file, what still needs to be done, and any other relevant information.
  • How it helps: When a transaction is handed off to another team member, order context is maintained through detailed task-specific notes. This not only improves cross-team collaboration, it also enables more accurate and on-time closings by eliminating knowledge bottlenecks within a particular file. 


  • What it is: The order dashboard has been redesigned to enable one-click access to order notes, tasks, automations, and activity sections. Users can customize their dashboard settings to further optimize their day-to-day activities. The new dashboard also enables users to compose emails from any section with an order. 
  • How it helps: With this new functionality, users can now move more efficiently through an order to save time and effort.