In today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever for title & escrow agencies to provide a differentiated service when it comes to closing transparency, status updates, and clear guidance throughout the closing process. 

That is why today we are excited to release enhanced configurability and automations to the client-facing closing Progress Tracker that comes with Qualia Connect. The Progress Tracker has been a highly valued tool for agents since Qualia Connect was first released over five years ago. Over the years, we’ve received valuable feedback from agents using Qualia Connect that they wanted more detailed and specific information to be made available to their clients and partners. We’re excited to release those features today.

These updates enable title & escrow agencies to more precisely reflect milestones specific to different transaction types, have more control over what they display to homebuyers, sellers, and partners, and keep closing statuses automatically up-to-date as work progresses on the file. In addition, changes to the client portal, including built-in guidance, detailed descriptions, and self-service tools, will help homebuyers, sellers, and real estate agents achieve a much deeper understanding of their closing. 

Progress Tracker configurability to reflect any transaction

Title & escrow companies must navigate significant complexity when it comes to processing a variety of transaction types, meeting regional requirements, operating multiple settlement agencies or branches, and more. 

With the newly released configurability enhancements to the Progress Tracker and milestones, Qualia Connect provides title & escrow companies with much more control over what type of information is provided to end users in the client portal for a given transaction, allowing for more clarity and less uncertainty. Specifically, settlement agencies can now:

  • Set up different Progress Trackers with corresponding milestones depending on whether a transaction is for a settlement or title only agency, and whether it’s a purchase or a refinance
  • Turn certain milestone steps on or off to account for business-specific workflows 
  • Intelligently display relevant steps based on roles and transaction types
  • Configure Progress Trackers on a global basis as well as at an agency level, enabling individual branches to reflect their specific processes and incorporate region-specific nuances

Comprehensive automations that power real-time status updates

In addition to having access to precise updates in general, homebuyers, sellers, and partners expect that their closing status updates will be available in real-time as work is completed on the transaction. 

With recent enhancements to Connect automations, all Progress Tracker steps can now be automatically advanced based on the completion of work on the file, ensuring homebuyers, sellers, and partners always have the most up-to-date status information with no manual or duplicative effort required by the title processing team. Examples of how this type of automation works in practice include:

  • Once the earnest money is receipted into the accounting section of Core, the Earnest Money Received is automatically updated in the Progress Tracker and the amount is also displayed
  • Once a final title commitment is generated in Core, the Title Commitment Available step is automatically advanced in the Progress Tracker and the document is immediately available in the portal
  • When all title policies on the order are issued via Core, the Title Commitment Available step is automatically advanced in the Progress Tracker

These automation enhancements give peace of mind to all parties involved in the transaction without any extra effort by the settlement agent.

Enhanced end-user experience

One of the most important functions of Connect is to demystify for homebuyers and sellers what is often a very complex and opaque process. In conjunction with the introduction of more relevant transaction-dependent milestones and real-time status updates, we have also added educational resources to the Connect client portal to help homebuyers, sellers, and real estate agents better self-serve and understand their closing at the right level of detail. Some of our updates include:

  • Revamped format and layout for overall easier consumption of information
  • Descriptive language around each step to enhance clarity and understanding of the closing process
  • The ability to include a message with an update request in order to provide or ask for more context 

In addition to the clear customer experience benefits, these changes will reduce time-consuming back-and-forth communication with title teams as a result of missing information, insufficient understanding, or potentially confusing industry-specific terminology.

Transparency and accuracy that enables differentiation

These enhancements to Connect reflect a new level of providing closing transparency and precision for homebuyers, sellers, and partners—one that helps agents using Connect differentiate themselves in today’s competitive economic environment. With more control and automation, settlement agents can streamline their workflows and speed up closings, while the revamped client portal elevates and demystifies the end user’s experience. 

Learn more about the latest enhancements to Qualia Connect and the Progress Tracker by clicking below.

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