Kelsey Galles

Kelsey is a Content Marketing Manager at Qualia

4 illustrated tiles with images of charts and an illustrated house to represent real estate tech trends from 2019

These Real Estate Transaction Trends Took Off in 2019

This year the real estate transaction process started to shift. These four 2019 trends indicate what may be to come for real estate transactions in 2020.

Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire, pictured alongside Qualia's Future of Real Estate Summit Logo

FORE Summit Speaker Spotlight: Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire

Leaders from real estate media will speak at Qualia’s FORE Summit. HousingWire’s CEO gave Qualia a preview of his thoughts on 2019 and predictions for 2020.

Illustration of a female underwriter using Qualia's cloud-based platform to communicate with agents

Cloud-Based Solutions Create Competitive Advantage for Underwriters

Cloud-based technology is a cornerstone for successful communication and operations involving multiple stakeholders, making real estate a perfect use case.

Illustration of a legislative bill for regulatory compliance

Industry Leaders Provide Regulatory Outlook for 2020

Last week leaders from across the real estate industry joined for “Regulatory Outlook 2020” webinar. Read on for their regulatory predictions.

Headshot of security expert Frank Abagnale with the Future of Real Estate Summit logo

FORE Summit Speaker Spotlight: Frank Abagnale

Security advisor, Frank Abagnale, will speak at the Future of Real Estate (FORE) Summit. Read for his thoughts on staying ahead of cybercriminals.

Illustration of real estate professionals using mobile technology to complete eClosings

KYLTA Convention RON Panel Recap: Why Your Business Should Consider eClosings in 2020

Qualia’s Director of Business Development, Max Lamb, discussed the benefits of eClosings and RON alongside other panelists at the KYLTA Conference.

Illustration of a millennial man moving from a city to a home in the suburbs

What’s Driving Millennials to Smaller Towns?

Millennials are leaving big cities for the suburbs. Read to learn how technology is making the move away from cities more attractive than ever before.

Computer illustration with online learning modules for workplace training

Workplace Training is More Valuable Than Ever – Here’s Why

Employees say workplace training would improve their job satisfaction. Learn how to equip your employees with best-in-class training.

Illustrated yellow clock showing best time to switch to new software

When is the Best Time to Switch Title & Escrow Software?

The best time to switch to new title & escrow software is now. Learn why you should start planning for a switch right after peak home buying season.

Headshot of Ben Rubenstein speaker for Qualia's Future of Real Estate (FORE) Summit in Austin Texas

FORE Summit Speaker Spotlight: Ben Rubenstein of

FORE Summit speaker, Ben Rubenstein, founder and CEO of Opcity, discusses where he believes the real estate industry is heading in 2020.

Illustration of home with money being poured into the roof to represent unconventional financing of homes today

Financing Trends offer a Glimpse into the Future of Home Ownership

Recent reports show unconventional financing is on the rise. Explore how this trend paints a bigger picture around the future of home ownership.

Illustration of a millennial man thinking about the housing market and his ability to own a home or rent

Millennials in Priced-Out Markets Are Still Buying Real Estate, Here’s How

Millennials in major cities are suffering in the current housing market. However, a new trend indicates millennials are finding new ways to own real estate.