Where Should Mortgage Lenders Invest to Improve Borrower Experience?

Learn how lenders can invest in technology to enable greater efficiency and better borrower experience.

New Study Finds Lenders are Overly Reliant on Email to Work with Settlement Companies

Learn how lenders can fix inefficiency and gain control over their borrower’s closing experience by standardizing workflows with all settlement companies.

Solving Closing Inefficiencies to Combat Margin Compression

With cost-per-loan on the rise, margins are feeling the squeeze. Learn how lenders can improve title operations to fight further margin compression.

How Lenders Can Deliver Optimized Closing Experiences

Learn how lenders can optimize the closing experience for borrowers by improving upon the lender-title relationship.

The Two-Way Street to Improve Lender-Title Operations

Lenders and title companies are looking closer at their operations to identify opportunities to execute more efficient closings.

Borrower Survey Results: The Closing Experience is Vital

Qualia’s survey of more than 1,000 recent and prospective homebuyers found that the closing process is vital to borrower satisfaction.

How Lenders Can Gain Transparency into the Title Process to Create a Better Borrower Experience

Learn how lenders can improve communication with title companies to transform title & escrow from a black box to a transparent process.

Illustration of a mortgage lender and title agent working together through integrated technology

How Lenders Can Optimize Title Order Opening

With the right operations and technology in place, lenders can more seamlessly collaborate with their title partners during order opening.

Illustration of someone buying a home on their mobile phone

[Qualia Report] Borrower Expectations for Digital Touchpoints Continue Well Beyond Application

Borrowers are increasingly beginning their journey online and expect a fluid experience from home search all the way through closing.

Illustration of a hand leaving a review on a sliding rating bar

Why Borrower Experience Hinges on Optimized Lender-Title Operations 

Learn why technology that works for both lenders and title companies is the way forward for improved borrower experiences.

Illustration of a man frowning surrounded by too many technology options

Why Mortgage Technology Adoption, Not Investment, Is Slowing the Pace of Digital Advancement

Mortgage experts discuss technology adoption and how the industry can better engage with title partners for better eClosing collaboration.

Illustration of a mortgage lender and title agent working together through integrated technology

Expert Strategies to Improve Lender-Title Coordination

Borrowers expect greater transparency during the closing process. Mortgage lenders and settlement agencies must work together to deliver.

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