FORE Summit

Illustration of a home for sale

Leaders from Divvy and Homeward Discuss the Future of Home Buying

Leaders from Divvy and Homeward discuss how their businesses are shaking up traditional home buying and offering alternative paths toward home ownership.

Illustration of a multi-colored chart showing trends and data

Will Investment in Technology for the Mortgage Lending Industry Pay off?

The MBA’s VP of Industry Analysis discussed components of costs to originate a mortgage & whether tech spend will result in efficiency gains for lenders.

WFG’s Patrick Stone Talks Consolidation, Vertical Integration, and the Future of the Title Industry

Qualia’s CEO sat down with Executive Chairman of WFG, Patrick Stone, to discuss consolidation, vertical integration, and the future of the title industry

Illustration of secure platform

Your Cyber Security is Only as Secure as your People

Qualia CTO, Lucas Hansen, sat down with Robert Fly of Elevate Security to discuss how title & escrow companies can build a culture of security.

illustration of underground tunnels and other technology impacting real estate

Flying Taxis, Tunneling, and Tech-Powered Cities: Where Is Investor Joe Lonsdale Placing His Bets in Real Estate?

Qualia’s CEO sat down with Joe Lonsdale of 8VC to discuss innovations that will impact real estate in the next few years.

Illustration of magnifier looking at different aspects of home buying

Survival of the Fittest: Ben Rubenstein of Predicts the Future of Real Estate Agents

At the Future of Real Estate Summit, Qualia co-founder, Joel Gottsegen spoke with Ben Rubenstein of about the future of real estate agents.

Illustration of computer showing different media trends and charts

Trend Spotters: What Leaders at HousingWire and October Research Are Watching in 2020

At the Future of Real Estate Summit, Qualia led a panel with leaders from HousingWire and October Research to discuss predictions for 2020.

illustration of a brain surrounded by technology to symbolize artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Experts Say AI Won’t Take Over your Job

At the Future of Real Estate Summit, artificial intelligence experts from Qualia and OJO Labs discussed the application of AI in real estate .

Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire, pictured alongside Qualia's Future of Real Estate Summit Logo

FORE Summit Speaker Spotlight: Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire

Leaders from real estate media will speak at Qualia’s FORE Summit. HousingWire’s CEO gave Qualia a preview of his thoughts on 2019 and predictions for 2020.

Headshot of security expert Frank Abagnale with the Future of Real Estate Summit logo

FORE Summit Speaker Spotlight: Frank Abagnale

Security advisor, Frank Abagnale, will speak at the Future of Real Estate (FORE) Summit. Read for his thoughts on staying ahead of cybercriminals.

Illustration of a millennial man moving from a city to a home in the suburbs

What’s Driving Millennials to Smaller Towns?

Millennials are leaving big cities for the suburbs. Read to learn how technology is making the move away from cities more attractive than ever before.

Headshot of Ben Rubenstein speaker for Qualia's Future of Real Estate (FORE) Summit in Austin Texas

FORE Summit Speaker Spotlight: Ben Rubenstein of

FORE Summit speaker, Ben Rubenstein, founder and CEO of Opcity, discusses where he believes the real estate industry is heading in 2020.