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Here’s What you Missed from Qualia’s Future of Real Estate Series Fall Session

At Qualia’s Future of Real Estate Series, leaders discussed how automation will transform real estate to deliver next-generation home purchase experiences.

Future of Real Estate Series Logo from Qualia with the date and time of the fall event about automation in real estate tech taking place on November 12, 2020

What to Expect from the Future of Real Estate Series Fall Session

On November 12, Qualia will host its latest virtual event in the Future of Real Estate Series. The Fall event will focus on automation in real estate tech.

Thumbnail photos of Nate Baker CEO of Qualia, Nima Ghamsari CEO of Blend and Mike Peregrina CFO of Homie next to the text "Leaders from Blend, Homie, and Qualia Discuss the Future of Real Estate"

What Will Homebuying Look Like in the Future? Leaders from Blend, Homie, and Qualia Weigh In

At FORES, leaders from Blend and Homie joined Qualia to discuss new homebuyer expectations, remote online notarization, and the future of real estate.

Qualia FORES logo with the Qualia Logo and the text "Qualia Product Roadmap" FORES Summer Session Highlights

FORES20 Summer Session Highlights

Read highlights from the FORES summer session including the Qualia RON announcement and a fireside chat with Blend and Homie.

Mike Peregrina smiles inside of Qualia's Future of Real Estate Summit logo next to his name and title, co-founder and CFO of Homie

Are Consumer Demands Shaping New Real Estate Business Models?

Mike Peregrina, Co-Founder & CFO of Homie, will speak at Qualia’s FORES event about how the home buying experience is changing in the wake of COVID-19.

FORES Summer Session the Qualia Product Roadmap with the Qualia FORES logo next to the text and the Qualia logo in the corner

What to Expect from FORES Summer Session: The Qualia Product Roadmap

Qualia’s virtual event, “FORES Summer Session: The Qualia Product Roadmap” will spotlight Qualia product releases and the latest market data from COVID-19.

Patrick Stone smiles next to his title founder and executive chairman at WFG.

FORES Check: These Predictions from WFG’s Patrick Stone Happened Faster Than Expected

At FORES, WFG’s Pat Stone delivered his title industry predictions. We followed up with him a few months later to learn which predictions were correct.

Illustration of a home for sale

Leaders from Divvy and Homeward Discuss the Future of Home Buying

Leaders from Divvy and Homeward discuss how their businesses are shaking up traditional home buying and offering alternative paths toward home ownership.

Illustration of a multi-colored chart showing trends and data

Will Investment in Technology for the Mortgage Lending Industry Pay off?

The MBA’s VP of Industry Analysis discussed components of costs to originate a mortgage & whether tech spend will result in efficiency gains for lenders.

WFG’s Patrick Stone Talks Consolidation, Vertical Integration, and the Future of the Title Industry

Qualia’s CEO sat down with Executive Chairman of WFG, Patrick Stone, to discuss consolidation, vertical integration, and the future of the title industry

illustration of underground tunnels and other technology impacting real estate

Flying Taxis, Tunneling, and Tech-Powered Cities: Where Is Investor Joe Lonsdale Placing His Bets in Real Estate?

Qualia’s CEO sat down with Joe Lonsdale of 8VC to discuss innovations that will impact real estate in the next few years.

Illustration of magnifier looking at different aspects of home buying

Survival of the Fittest: Ben Rubenstein of Predicts the Future of Real Estate Agents

At the Future of Real Estate Summit, Qualia co-founder, Joel Gottsegen spoke with Ben Rubenstein of about the future of real estate agents.

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