Important Dates for Filing 1099s in 2024

Learn the key dates for title & escrow companies to file 1099 forms in 2024.

How Lenders Can Strengthen Mortgage Operations During a Down Market

Lenders must focus on mortgage operations to come out of the downturn ahead. What actions can they take to increase operational efficiency and why now?

Workflows 101: Qualia’s Director of Title Strategy on How to Set up Powerful Processes

Qualia’s Director of Title Strategy discusses how to set up powerful processes using your title production software.

Illustration of a man frowning surrounded by too many technology options

Why Too Many Tools In Your Tech Stack Can Hurt, Not Help Your Business

Increasing efficiency is about adopting the right technology. Learn how to find technology partners that accelerate your business.

Illustration of a real estate closing document

Important Dates for Filing 1099s in 2021

Learn the key dates for title & escrow businesses to file 1099 forms in 2021.

Illustration of Qualia Marketplace where title agents can search for different services including title examinations, HOA data, and other outsourced services

How to Select the Best Tech-Forward Vendors for Your Title Operations

High refinance and home purchase activity points to the importance of the vendor ecosystem. Learn how to find the right vendors for your title operations.

Illustration of automating outsourcing for title & escrow operations

Managing Volume in a Remote World: How Outsourcing Can Help

Learn why title & escrow companies are turning their attention toward outsourcing. Plus, how the right software can improve outsourced operations.

Ryan Beauchamp smiles next to text that reads "A Step by Step Guide for Identifying Opportunities to 10X your Efficiency"

A Step-by-Step Guide to Identifying Opportunities to 10x Your Efficiency

Learn about a practical auditing process to uncover inefficiencies in your title & escrow business. Plus learn 3 strategies to improve efficiency.

Illustration of automation technology to improve lender efficiency

How to Evaluate Efficiency-Driving Solutions During High-Volume

During periods of high-volume, lenders consider outsourcing or automating tasks in order to gain efficiency. Here’s how to determine which solution is best.

Illustration of housing trends

SPECIAL REPORT: The State of the Title Industry in 2020

Read our recap of October Research’s “State of the Industry” report for a preview of what industry professionals are forecasting for 2020.

Illustration of a laptop showing workflow automation features

Untangling AI and Automation for Real Estate Closings

Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of automation and AI for improved productivity, flexibility, and cost reductions. Read on for more.

What Can Title & Escrow Companies Learn from Silicon Valley About Testing & Scaling

In part 3 of our digital maturity series, we explore how title & escrow companies can adapt techniques from Silicon Valley startups to move dynamically in the face of change.

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