Illustration of buildings representing a graph for mortgage market predictions

[Webinar Recap] ALTA and FHFA Deliver Mortgage Market Predictions

ALTA CEO and FHFA Director, Mark Calabria discuss digital closings, mortgage market predictions, and the post-coronavirus economy.

California Escrow Businesses: It’s Now or Never for Digital Transaction Experiences

Qualia spoke with Pango Group about how they are adapting in light of California escrow laws and regulations to move transactions forward during COVID-19.

People signing a deed remotely using remote ink signed notarization over video (RIN)

Remote Ink-Signed Notarization (RIN) Approved in Some States: Here’s What you Need to Know

Settlement companies are using remote ink-signed notarization (RIN) for signings so homebuyers can close on their homes over video with a remote notary.

[Qualia LIVE Recap] Experts from ATG Title and WFG Weigh in on Returning to Work

Qualia joined ATG Title and WFG to discuss how title & escrow businesses are preparing for returning to work after COVID-19.

Stills of title professionals conferencing into a video conference with Qualia

Title & Escrow Leaders Share Stories of Creativity, Flexibility and Resilience During COVID-19

Qualia spoke with leaders from title & escrow businesses across the country over video chat to discuss how their teams have adapted to COVID-19.

[Qualia LIVE Recap]: How AmTrust’s Title & Escrow Agents are Responding to COVID-19

In this Qualia LIVE remote event, AmTrust joins Qualia to discuss how title & escrow agents are responding to changes during COVID-19.

Illustration of people holding paychecks from the government as part of the CARES Act

[ALTA & October Research Webinar Recaps]: How Title & Escrow Businesses Can Benefit from the CARES Act

Qualia recently sponsored 2 webinars with ALTA and October Research about how title & escrow businesses can benefit from the CARES Act.

Qualia LIVE with ATGF

[Qualia LIVE Recap]: How ATGF’s Title & Escrow Agents are Responding to COVID-19

Leaders from ATGF discuss how title companies in their regions are responding to changing regulations and conditions surrounding COVID-19.

Cybercrime increases while working from home

Cybercrime Expected to Double During COVID-19

The FBI released a warning that BEC scams are on the rise during COVID-19. Learn how you can protect your business while your employees work from home.

Title, Lender, Underwriter, and County Coordination During COVID-19

Qualia joined Proglogix on a webinar to discuss how title & escrow businesses can work with their counties, lenders, and underwriters during COVID-19.

Illustration of a government building with money and legislation to represent the recent stimulus package from the CARES Act

CARES Act Guidance for Title Professionals

Last week the CARES Act was signed into law. This act has a few benefits for title & escrow businesses. Learn how your business can benefit with this guidance.

What to Do When Your County Recording Office is Closed

The list of essential businesses during COVID-19 now includes county recording offices. Learn how you can manage closings until your county office reopens.