Nate Baker Spencer Rascoff Zillow iBuying Pacaso

Business Models and Technology Impacting Local Real Estate

Spencer Rascoff, entrepreneur and Co-founder of Zillow and Pacaso, will discuss emerging real estate business models, their position in the marketplace, and his predictions on their growth over the next few years.

Joe Tyrrell and Nate Baker at Future of Real Estate Summit

A Conversation with ICE Mortgage Technology President, Joe Tyrrell

Qualia CEO, Nate Baker, and Joe Tyrell, President of ICE Mortgage Technology, discussed technological innovation, its adoption in real estate, and how it varies across the country.

Qualia: Your Tech Infrastructure

A 360-degree look at the full scope of Qualia’s products and how they work together for a solution that operates as your businesses’ technology infrastructure.

How Qualia’s Engineering Culture Serves Your Business

Get a look behind the curtain at Qualia’s engineering team and how they prioritize customer requests with broader product roadmap initiatives. Plus, a look at Qualia’s long-term roadmap.

Real Estate is Local Documentary

This short film is a testament to the impact homeownership has on our lives. Hear from partners across the real estate ecosystem about the lasting impacts homeownership has in their communities.

How Dalton & Finegold Cut Their Paper Usage By 70% In One Week

Dalton & Finegold is a law firm based in Massachusetts. With the Qualia Platform, their team was able to reduce their paper usage by 70% in one week.

How Element Title & Escrow Onboarded Quickly and Increased Productivity by 3x

In August of 2020, Element Title & Escrow made the switch to the Qualia Platform. Their team successfully onboarded to the Qualia Platform in 4 weeks.

How Novation Title Uses Time Saving Solutions to Focus on Employee Growth

Nuria Rivera founded Novation Title in 2015. Nuria and her team use the Qualia Platform to save time and money on real estate closing transactions.

How NEMA uses the Qualia Marketplace to Build a Strong Rapport with Customers

Nema provides high-quality, experienced notaries to closings across the country. These notaries are trained by Nema to facilitate in-person, RON, and hybrid closings.

How Hankin & Pack Painlessly Tackles 2,000 Orders a Month With Qualia

Hankin & Pack is a law firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Hankin & Pack team uses Qualia to streamline their workflows and maximize efficiency.

How NobleServe Harnessed Automation to Complete 12,000+ Orders

NobleServe was founded in 2017 by Jithosh VK with the mission to use technology to increase scalability with accuracy in title production.

How Troy King Law Firm Leverages Automation in Qualia to Generate Custom Documents in Seconds

Troy King uses Qualia to streamline his operations so he can spend more time focusing on serving his clients.

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