How Qualia University Powered Texas Excel Title’s Onboarding and a 75% Reduction in Effort

Texas Excel Title is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After making the switch to Qualia, the Texas Excel Title team experienced immense efficiency gains.

National Title Solutions Gives Clients the Power to Choose Where They Close

National Title Solutions utilized the RON-compatible capabilities of Qualia and Qualia Connect to give their clients the freedom to choose where they close.

MT Escrow Provides a Small Business Feel While Completing a High Volume of Transactions

MT Escrow is an escrow agency in California. With Qualia, they were able to increase their order volume and personalize service for their clients.

eGuide cover: Lenders Need Post Closing Automation More Than Ever. eGuide written by Qualia

eGuide: Mortgage Lenders Need Post-Closing Automation More Than Ever

Learn how mortgage lenders can leverage automation to streamline workflows, save time, reduce costs, and improve investor reporting for better post-closing processes.

Qualia eGuide cover: All Eyes on RON Accelerating Industry-Wide Adoption and How Key Players Can Get Started Now

eGuide: All Eyes on RON How Key Players Can Get Started Now

Learn how lenders, title & escrow businesses, underwriters, and county recording offices can take the first steps to complete a RON transaction.

How Qualia Helped Sign X Expand from 5 to 45 States

Since becoming a vendor in the Qualia Marketplace, the Sign X team was able to expand from doing business in 5 states to 45 states.

How Qualia Connect Makes Commercial Closings Simple

Omni Title is based in Ohio and conducts commercial real estate transactions. Omni Title has been able to simplify the closing process with Qualia Connect.

How Patten Title Used Qualia University to Eliminate Almost 400 Hours of Work Per Month

Through their partnership with Qualia, the Patten Title team was able to effectively train their teams and increase their overall efficiency.

Housing Wire Real Estate Tech Virtual Demo Day Housing Wire Logo with computer screen background gradient

HousingWire Tech Demo Day: Qualia Post

At HousingWire’s tech demo day, Qualia Account Director, Ty Cieloha, demonstrated Qualia’s post-closing product for mortgage lenders.

Amit Doshi Smiling with LemonBrew logo for an interview with Qualia on flexibility and growth with the right software provider

How LemonBrew grew from 3 to 19 States with Qualia

Through their partnership with Qualia, LemonBrew has expanded operations from 3 to 19 states and has doubled their monthly order volume.

Qualia’s Cloud-based Remote Work Capabilities Strengthen Relationships

The Stonebridge Title Group shared the benefits of using a cloud-based software and how Qualia has helped the team to transition to working remotely.

title and escrow software evaluation guide

Title & Escrow Software Evaluation Guide

Experts deliver advice on how to evaluate and compare title & escrow software providers to make the right selection for your organization.