Illustration with graphs and charts with the text "Business Reporting: Knowledge is Power"

Business Reporting: Knowledge is Power

Join Qualia’s Director of Customer Success as he breaks down the key reports and data that all title & escrow businesses should be tracking.

Illustration of accounting icons with the text "Reconciliations The New Must Know Methods"

Reconciliations: The New Must-Know New Methods

Join Head of Title & Escrow at Qualia. He will cover best practices to reduce time, eliminate stress, and streamline the reconciliation process.

Illustration of a hand leaving a review on a sliding rating bar

Understanding Reviews for Business Growth with Yelp

Join us with Yelp as we discuss the value of online reviews. You’ll learn how buyers use reviews to make decisions and how to manage your business reviews.

Build Your Web Presence with TitleTap

Join TitleTap, a leader in marketing, as they discuss how to build your digital strategy around SEO, localization, and mobile optimization.

Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Win New Business

Join Four15 Digital, a leading growth marketing company, to learn the keys to creating and managing a digital marketing strategy.

AFMC Cuts 5 Hours from Daily Loan Origination Time

American Federal Mortgage accelerated their loan origination speed & eliminated 5 hours of their daily loan origination time with Qualia. Read on for more.

Cislo Title Saves Money and Eliminates Downtime

Cislo was able to reduce their annual IT spend, eliminate downtime, and increase efficiency. Learn more about Cislo Title’s success story.

Illustration of a real estate closing document

Compliance 101: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

A-LIGN, a top security and compliance solutions provider, breaks down ALTA best practices and how to review vendors to maintain compliance.

Austin Craft Realty Delivers Differentiated Closing Experience

Austin Craft Realty uses Qualia Connect to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Watch a Austin Craft realtor discuss his success with Connect.

Thrive Title Increases Productivity by 20%

Learn how Qualia helped Thrive eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks, allowing them to process 20% more transactions with the same size staff.

Illustration of a man looking at screens with graphs and documents

Compliance 102: Vetting Your Vendors and Yourself

Top security and compliance solutions provider, A-LIGN provides information about SOC-2 certification and what to look for when getting a SOC-2 report.

Illustration of a tablet with charts and graphs

Compliance 103: Industry Assessments & Reports

Managing consultant at A-LIGN walks through different security assessment options for the title & escrow industry and how to understand your vendor reports.