Amit Doshi Smiling with LemonBrew logo for an interview with Qualia on flexibility and growth with the right software provider

How LemonBrew grew from 3 to 19 States with Qualia

Through their partnership with Qualia, LemonBrew has expanded operations from 3 to 19 states and has doubled their monthly order volume.

Qualia’s Cloud-based Remote Work Capabilities Strengthen Relationships

The Stonebridge Title Group shared the benefits of using a cloud-based software and how Qualia has helped the team to transition to working remotely.

title and escrow software evaluation guide

Title & Escrow Software Evaluation Guide

Experts deliver advice on how to evaluate and compare title & escrow software providers to make the right selection for your organization.

Illustration of title professionals doing title & escrow work

How to Create an Effective Training Program

During times of uncertainty, training teams and building leaders is crucial. In this guide, we provide guidance for creating a workplace training program.

How Qualia is Supporting Title and Escrow Companies’ Remote Operations

Four Qualia users shared how their teams have successfully transitioned to working remotely.

How Qualia Connect Helped Take Closings from 30 Minutes to 5

Prominent Title, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, used Qualia Connect to increase efficiency during closings while practicing social distancing.

Old Republic Title Drives Growth & Operates Remotely with Qualia

Lalani Gomez, Agency Account Manager at Old Republic Title Agency, shares how Qualia has empowered her agents to streamline the closing process.

Illustration of a real estate professional using secure technology

Step-by-Step Guidance on Switching to a Remote Workforce

Learn best practices for remotely running title and escrow operations with expert insights from Tennessee Title, Varsity Title, and Proplogix.

Qualia Customer Spotlight: American Federal Mortgage Company

Qualia Post is a technology solution that empowers lenders to automatically collect digital and physical title policies, mortgages, and other documents.

How Connect and Marketplace Empower Allied Title to Provide Outstanding Client Service in New Jersey

Allied Title shares how the Qualia Platform has empowered them to provide a superior closing experience.

How Qualia Helped to Kick-Start a New Business

Forward Law is a firm that manages real estate closings in South Carolina and North Carolina. Charlie Carpenter shares how he utilized Qualia to kick-start his business.

How Qualia Powers Remote Work and Business Continuity Plans

Learn how Qualia’s remote capabilities empowered Tennessee Title to maintain business continuity during a natural disaster.